Nov 30, 2012

Childrens Portraits #Four- Nia

I chose a more serious facial expression for Nia. This is such a beautiful little girl. I have been fortunate to talk, play, and sit with this little one and she makes all kinds of faces, but shes still very young so she's still learning how to make em. Ms Nia, a mixed baby of Korean and Chinese families; 4 months young.

Nov 27, 2012

Levi Ryken

Watch live video from doublefine on TwitchTV This is my brother Levi Ryken since 93/94. I could write a long paper about this dude, his talents, character, kindness, and over all awesomeness but you'll get a glimpse of it through this video of him pitching his first video game. Now, Im not a gamer at all, but when he explained the theme and concept of this game and the place where he works (Double Fine); i really understood why he loves it so much. If you are an investor, gaming writer, or supporter of this kind of artform keep an eye on him. He's doing great things and his name will be much more of a household name verry soon. LINK

Nov 25, 2012

Black and Latino (Video)

Now i just have to find one about being Black and Asian, then native, then mestizo, then....ok getting ahead of myself.

Nov 23, 2012

Daddy thoughts 2- Run

"We all running in some form or another. If not to score a touchdown, just to go a step further.....I wont waste my life time going in circles. I know where Im going and Ima get there. With focus, I go for the gold like Jackie Joyner, the race is not for the swift. Its a test of endurance" -Stic Man


Since I have legs and can walk,I run. I was inspired by reading some daddy blogs today after putting my little one to sleep; to write. A fellow parent recommended I get hip to the Dad blogosphere, which I had no idea was so HUGE. More on that later. I've been running again weekly for about 9 months now. I've had spurts and lapses here and there before then and now as well.

I 've been running my entire life. Sometimes from problems, danger, responsibility, or even opportunity. I was never an atheletic cat, but I love walking for long distances in any direction and when I was in junior high I truly developed a love of running. The shortness of breath, the sweat, the adrenaline that kicks in as your second, or even third win hits.

Now though, I run to prepare myself. I run to stay loose, toward no specific destination, but to stay ready. I'm a father and I have to keep up with my little boy among other things. Today as we played and kicked the soccer ball around and ran with another dad and his kids, i was glad that my lungs hold up. I hope to stay fit for the entireity of my life so that I can see as much of his life as possible. I dont run far. I dont run the fastest, and I definitely dont have the best running shoes, but I do run. I do go a little bit longer each time, and I do it consistently. Add a sprint for the last to yards and 10 pull ups or more at a local park and Ive got myself a good workout.

I run at night, usually after my boy is a sleep; or after ten if he is not with me. I do it for myself, my health, for my life, and so I can keep up with this little prince.....I run to build something in myself, in my career maybe, my art, or my soul too.

 "A journey of a thousand miles begins one step at a time" -Lao Tzu

Nov 22, 2012

"People Over Profit" Black Friday, Boycott Walmart

Feel free to use this poster to spread the word. I'm submitting it as part of Culture Strike's "Artists Vs Walmart" action for Black Friday. I dont need to tell you how much of a corporate blood sucker Walmart is, but feel free to read up on some of the reasons why folks are striking and demanding better treatment HERE.

Nov 20, 2012

Holiday Slangin'-Oakland Dec 8th

East Side Arts Alliance I'll be here slanging (Switch Plates, PWA's, prints, paintings) , come through if you're in the Bay Area.

Nov 16, 2012

Handstyles 1- Free Palestine

Graphic by Robert Liu-Trujillo. Always in support of a free Palestine against the zionist occupation of Palestine. 

Dig this? Check out these letters for Hyphen or Colorlines magazine
Check out this Zach de La Rocha quote 
Here's some more letters in support of Palestine 

Nov 15, 2012

Book Cover Flashbacks

These are older illustrated pieces but I always liked them! Cool book covers.

Nov 6, 2012

Character 36 -Faces of Jae Jeu

In korean "Jae Jeu" translates to ______. Answer that, and i'll send you a free postcard. Achem, so here is some part of a bunch of stuff I've been working on. Practicing character designs.

Nov 5, 2012

Character 35-Paranorman w/a Flat top fade

What if Paranorman were Black, Dominican, Haitian, or Cuban? My homie Levi hooked me up with The Art of Paranorman book and i get hella inspired. So much beautiful work of a large team went into that film, which I saw and loved. Now I thought he'd look fresh as a little brown boy with a flat top. Cool, no? Go see this film if you haven't already, it offers so much hand-made detail that a lot of big budget animation flicks do not. Love the music in the original trailer too. Selling prints here.

Dig this? Check out this painting I did of Katara and Toph from Avatar the Last Airbender

Nov 1, 2012

Green Smoothie by Enjoli

The homie Enjoli, said she was going to do a video and blog about this, here it is another example of folks trying to live healthy and giving knowledge freely!

Positive Wall Affirmation- Shine

It's been awhile since I did one of these. They're fun and good "energy" wise. Simply put, just positive words to have around the house, class, or office. More coming soon. Theres more info on my Etsy store... LINK