Apr 27, 2010

A film Showing-NYC please support

A flyer for my homie O.M. Ajayi.If you are in the nyc area, please support!
Here is the updated flyer as well

Techno Rumba-Chief Boima

Awhile back when I was in NYC, the homie Andrea Wise told me about a very talented DJ by the name of CHIEF BOIMA who was mixing traditional African Rhythms with electronic and new age music. I later got a chance to listen to some of his mixes and was quite impressed by the caliber of blending. Boima's style is blunt, either you like it or you dont. I like it, case in point, I collaborated with him to do the cover of his next EP "Techno Rumba" being released on the Dutty Artz label based out of Brooklyn. If you are unfamiliar with their wild NYC parties, def check them out. Feedback?

Apr 22, 2010

Sneak peak-Ethnic Studies Conference 2010

Sneak peak at what Im working on for the Ethnic Studies Conference next week.Check out Youth Together for more info.

Apr 18, 2010

Inspiration 3

A lot of these images, or people are folks who I have worked with/know( Ase Dance Collective, La Pena.org, The Bikery/currently working with(Brett "Dizney" Cook,Cycles of Change-The Bikery) with or who I want to collaborate with..(Oddisee, Little Dragon, Flygirl Type pad,Chief Boima-Dutty Artz, Jessy Bulbo,Arise Magazine, Asian American Film Festival, Travis Millard. And RIP muralist "John Biggers". Gotta get a juicer too-these are hella good for your health. For the folks I'm able to get in contact with, you'll soon see more of. I have to say the one that is the most intriguing is Andrea Pippins from Fly.Check her out.

Apr 5, 2010

Supreme Court Justices

Created for Open Exchange magazine.A publication with tons of information on acupuncture, massage therapy, meditation, and healthy modes of living. Here's the sketches, final phases, and a detail of John Roberts.
Big thanks to Bart for giving me a shot in the dark....For those of y'all on the fence about whether these folk are out for the interests of the U.S. population or the planet, know that "money" is the only rule/goal/interest in a system of Capitalism.
Full article

Apr 4, 2010

Inspiring: Sound of Kuduro (BURAKA Som Sistema!)

This is old, but it is still very inspiring and relevant, Buraka Som Sistema de Portugal.
Music IS Ethnic Studies!