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This is me in Seattle at the Seattle Urban Book Expo and I'm writing to say thanks for supporting my books, art, merch, and shop. I just crossed the 1400 sales mark on Etsy and to show my. appreciation I'm sharing a special discount code FOR 20% off everything using "GREATESTSALE" as a thanks to you dear reader. You've got until Sunday night to use it or lose it. Peace!!


Dig this? Check out my most recent interview on the podcast Rightnowish and please share it w/ a friend.


Black Work Talk Podcast- Chicago Teacher's Strike

"The function of schools for those who are in power is never to liberate those who attend them" -Stacey Davis Gates

This podcast is about the historic teachers strike in Chicago, the racial politics of school closures in predominantly Black and Brown neighborhoods, the privatization of education, and organizing.  And it immediately makes me think of school closures here in Oakland California, and in cities like New Orleans which were taken advantage of after hurricane Katrina.


Stacey Davis Gates: 

Stacy Davis Gates is the president of the Chicago Teachers Union and the executive vice president of the Illinois Federation of Teachers. Before her election as president in 2022, Davis Gates had served as vice president and as political and legislative director. In the Fall 2019, she helped to lead a 15-day strike and to negotiate an historic contract that provides for smaller class sizes, ensures a nurse and social worker in every Chicago public school, secures sanctuary protections for immigrant families, and supports students and families experiencing homelessness. In 2017, Ms. Davis Gates was elected Chair of United Working Families, an independent political organization by and for working-class people and our movements. She also serves as a board member for the Action Center on Race & the Economy (ACRE). Currently she is on leave from teaching high school social studies, which she did for more than a decade.

If you dig this check out the art from the Oakland Teacher's Strike


Art of Rob - Is now in 3 bookstores!


Sup with it fam? I'm excited to share that "Art of Rob" is making its way into actual community based independent bookstores. Juiced!!!! I love sharing information about bookstores because they are little cultural hubs for reading, art, politics, sometimes food, dating :), learning, and reading of course.

1. The Multicultural Bookstore - Richmond California
 260 Broadway, Richmond California 94804
 This bookstore was founded in Richmond back in 2016 or 2017. It is Black owned and has one of the largest selection of kids books featuring children of color. Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latinx, Middle Eastern, and Queer kids books. They specialize in picture books, but also carry middle grade, chapter books, YA, novels, biographies, and art books   :)

2. Marcus Books- Oakland California
 3900 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Oakland, CA 94609
 This is the oldest Black owned bookstore in country y'all. Originally founded in San Francisco and Oakland, the Oakland location remains a staple for the Bay and the Black community. I shopped there as a teen for textbooks, as a young father, and now as a book creator myself. They have the widest selection of Black literature in the Bay period. Novels, non fiction, comics, picture books, photography books, biographies, cards, and art books!!

3. Pegasus Books - Berkeley and Oakland
 2 Locations in Berkeley, 1 in Oakland
 Pegasus has been in the bay since 1969. This is a very cool and progressive store that has cook books, kids books, comics, novels, zines, posters, art books of course, and they buy, sell, and trade books. There are three locations in the East Bay and my book is at all three so cop it there!

One of the most amazing things about bookstores (and libraries for that matter) is the possibility of discovery. You might not even know you would see your friend there or find a book that you know a friend would cherish. That being said, visit these stores if you're in the Bay. If there is a bookstore you cherish that would understand my little art book please let me know! My hope is that young people will discover something cool in this art book. Peace! Thx for reading. Stay tuned...

Note: If you have not received your book in the mail or you believe it got lost in the mail please message me here or email me at info@robdontstop.com

Dig this? Check out this video of fathers day 2022 by Marcus books

I was doing this for Furqan's First Flat Top too, getting it into indy stores one at a time.


Gift Box Feature 4 - Jambo Books (Georgia)

Jambo Books founder Mijha Godfrey

Back in 2019 I was contacted by the founder of Jambo Books, Mijha Godfrey to license some of my illustration for her incredible book box which has been featured on HuffPost, CNN, NBC, and LA Parent. I created the image for a series of posters featuring Black and Brown folks reading to children. or kids reading to themselves. 

Original print

She then applied the same illustration to the Jambo Book Box which features a different artist regularly! Cool, no?

Photo by Jambo Books

One of the things I always tell parents who are looking for diverse books is to visit their local library or. Bipoc owned bookstore to find gems. But so many folks don't live near a library or bookstore. Or it's a mission to get there. Book boxes are a great way to solve that problem by getting books for you little ones shipped directly to your door. 

Listen to Mijha talk about what her company does!

If you're a gift/book box owner and would like to get some of my merch, books, or illustration in your box give me a holler. Did you catch any of the other posts about the book box companies that featured my books, art, or merch? 

Here they are: Booklandia (Portugal)


READ print 5


Yes y'all. This is a new art print for my READ series! I really dig how this turned out and hope you will too. The helmet is a reminder to dream, soar, and fly. This is the first in a new series of 4. There will be 8 in total.

Get a print here

I've done 4 of these already. If you haven't seen them you can check the series out 

and purchase the previous set here.


SF Zine Fest Sept 4th


Hey fam, I will be tabling at this year's San Francisco Zine Fest. If you've never been, it is a large event with lots of folks making zines and mini comics on all types of topics from social justice, identity, life stories, police brutality, bicycle repair, art, to fictional stories, sexuality, and relationships. It's great for young artists to check out and awesome for librarians, teachers, and professionals who are looking to build a zine or mini comic collection in spaces where young people frequent. Come through! It's at the SF Metreon. Here is the facebook invite.

Here's a video featuring a walkthrough the SF Zine Fest and interviews w/ creators.

I participated in a reading where I talked about my work and my first art book at Silver Sprockets book store in the Mission District. And it was dope meeting other creators. Here are some photos from that visit!

Dig this? Check out these photos from my trip to Columbus Ohio for SOL Con.


Rightnowish! - Podcast interview


Yooo,  I'm a guest on "Rightnowish" a podcast/ radio show with Pendarvis Harshaw on KQED!! Been listening since it came out in 2019 and have loved listening to interviews with mc/writer Rocky Rivera, MC/Historian Dregs One, Futbolista/Medicine woman Dania Cabello, Muralist Timothy B, Artist/Curator Ashara Ekundayo, Designer/publisher Mike Nicholls, Cartoonist Breena Nuñez,  muralist Josue Rojas and his Mama, and series pieces like this summer's "Searching for a Kiki" with Corey Antonio Rose who lovingly shares Queer Black history.

Rightnowish seeks out a broad array of folks in music, film, activism, organizing, performing and visual arts. He gets in depth with each guest and topic in a very short segment that is so sincere, clear, and inspiring. Not since "Home Turf" , "Distortion to Static", or "Hard Knock Radio" have I heard such a wealth of folks who are talented but underrated by mainstream media be highlighted. That's actually how I found Pen, through his doc on Mike "Dream" Francisco.

But, what's even better is that the team of host/journalist Pendarvis Harshaw with producer Marisol Medina Cadena and editor Jessica Placzeck make the process and final product PROFESSIONAL. When you listen you know who the episode is about. And you can hear it clear and concisely. Not all podcasts do that! And when I think about how they condensed our hour long convo to this short but meaningful piece; I'm awed. Subscribe to this show, share it, donate to KQED, and follow the team!


If you'd like to hear another interview or see some press I've gotten please visit this page


Inspiring Artist - Claire Wendling (born 1967)


Claire Wendling is an incredible illustrator from France who was born in 1967. I believe I heard about her very recently through Schoolism or the "Trojan Horse" YouTube interview with Karla Ortiz. She's an OG who has worked in illustration, comics, and animation. I love her figures. How much she studies the human body, animals, and creates creatures, relationships between beings, and the care she puts into her drawings which are amazing.

Yo, if you're new: This is where I share artists that have been inspiring to me in my work sometimes directly and other times indirectly. Do yourself a favor and check out her Instagram. I couldn't find a website for her but you can watch this interview with her.

If you missed the last inspiring artist I posted, check out Ami Thompson or Zeke Peña's work! And if you're still looking for more inspiration peep inspiration board 41 I made because everybody gets stuck. If you dig Claire's work you can get her sketchbooks at Stuart Ng Books online.


Postcard Deal 2 revamp


Want some postcards to send to family and friends? Here are a few i've made over the past year or two waiting to be sent. I just revamped this set on my shop.

Cop  just 3, 6, or all 9 of them here.

Dig this? check out the first set of postcards here

Power Struggle (MC) Documentary

Yo, brother Nomi aka "Power Struggle" (Beatrock, Odd Jobs, Kill the Vultures). Bro is an educator, musician, and organizer who not only writes about the struggles of working class people and does it with incredible hip hop songs. Nomi is from Minneapolis but he's been in the Bay for nearly 20 years and a comrade in this work to make art from the heart and simultaneously speak about the struggle for liberation whether it be specifically about Pinays, People of color, the Filipino diaspora, or young men of color. 

Listen to his new LP! Out on Beatrock music!

If you're in the Bay tomorrow you can catch him performing and listen to his new LP in Frisco!

And if you don't know him check out this short documentary about him by Eric Tandoc

Dig this? Check out this remix of Dead Prez's "Hip hop" by Pele Durian Funk


Photos from Richmond's "Multicultural Bookstore"


Photo by Brianna Casanares

This past week I read at the Multicultural Children's Bookstore in Richmond California. I've said this before, but it bears repeating. This store has the most diverse selection of picture books in the Bay Area. There are many other stores that do a great job as well. 

Photo by Daniel Zarazua

They currently carry "Furqan's First Flat Top" and "Alejandria Fights Back". Please stop by their store though if youre in the North Bay as a destination for gifts, a place that can order books for you, or as a wealth of knowledge. The owner's name is Tamara Shiloh.

Photo by Brianna Casanares

One more of me rocking my Bridges Not Walls shirt by Kiwi :). I've been reading in classrooms and libraries for a decade now as a kids book author and illustrator!

If you dig these photos check out this reading at Bella Vista Elementary and this post w/ Melissa Reyes


Meet the Artist 2022


Hard to fit your entire being into an illustration. But I tried to put in a few things , today. Tomorrow might be different. But if you're not aware of it, this is an art challenge called "Meet the artist"! Check out "Art Vs Artist" which is another art challenge I did more than once. 

What I've seen in these "meet the artist" pieces is a self portrait, your likes and dislikes, name, age, height, background, and what are some of the things you carry with you. I added a few other things but followed that for the most part. Have you done this challenge? Comment below w/ a link of yours or tag me!

Dig this? Check out Art Vs Artist 2020, 2018

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Most recent book: Art of Rob


Inspiration board 41


Ok, here's some recently inspiring stuff. Left to right, top to bottom. I make this as much to share with you as I make as a reminder to myself:

1. The illustration of Maike Plenzke
2. Taking Children by Laura Briggs-non fiction book
3. Esperanza Spalding- Songrights Apothecary and her recent albums
4. Jerome Masi - Artist/Illustrator
5. Brown Ambition Podcast-Financial literacy
6. The Cot in the Living Room- Picture bk about community/mutual aid
7. Light & Magic- ILM documentary series (special FX)
8. Art of Ami Thompson
9.Wendell & Wild-upcoming stop motion film (Peele/ Selick)
10. Art of Derek Laufman
11. New Kid- Graphic novel by Jerry Craft
12. Stuart NG Bookstore- specializes in "Art books"
13. Art of Leo Espinosa-illustration
15. Squid Game TV Series
16. Art of Chris Sickels/Red Nose Studios

Please check out the links and support these folks, things, etc.

Did you miss the previous inspiration board? Here are a few 

What's this? This inspiration board is one of the ways I stay inspired and sane through all of life's trials, and tribulations, work, etc. I've been making inspiration boards full of films, books, music, events, people, artists, movements, and more for over a decade. Do you have an inspiration board? Please share in the comments.
Who am I? My name is Rob and I'm an artist working in kid lit, public art, and other disciplines. Go to my website, or follow me on IG or YouTube.


Housing Video - Private LLCs buying up homes


In cities across the US there are organizations dedicated to housing rights and housing justice for this reason. People's homes are bought up, flipped in masse across the US and this should be fought by everyday working people. This is one of the real reasons we see homelessness on the rise and working people cannot afford to buy their own home. 

Podcasts about this


NEW!- Art of Rob is in the shop


Fam, the book is finally in the shop and the majority of the books have gone out to the backers. If you missed the kickstarter campaign now you can cop a book. 

Here's the link: ART of ROB

In case you missed it, this is the kickstarter campaign from 2021!


My Book in this VICE article


Here we go again, it seems that people just being who they are if that happens to be Gay, Lesbian, Queer, Trans, or gender non conforming seems to really piss White Christian families off. If not enrage them, it really fucking scares them. Check out this article about this town and how they handled books featuring queer children and Queer librarians trying to broaden the minds of local children and families. It was not cool how they essentially forced these librarians to quit. My book with. Laurin Mayeno happens to be the image featured here but really there are so many kids books featuring Black folks, people of color, queer or gender fluid characters that really scare just by existing. Smh

After reading a few more articles it seems that the heart of this issue is that they attacked queer librarians and made them (the key holders of a variety of information, stories, and resources) feel unwelcome; not only in their job but in their town.

Check out this good news pertaining to the book though: Gender Nation 

Sketchbook pg 2 - Ramona & Hong Kong


This is a page from a 2014 sketchbook. The entire book had toned paper and I used ink, colored pencil, and gouache for this page. On the left is Move activist Ramona Africa from Phillly and an umbrella representing the protests in Hong Kong. Wanna see more from this sketchbook?  Check out my sketchbook tour below.

Check out this sketchbook tour:

Here's the previous sketchbook page

Guillermo Del Toro's Pinocchio trailer


Really excited for this new stop motion feature. I love Guillermo Del Toro's work so this should be scary and magical. The last Stop Motion story I featured was the teaser for Wendell & Wild a film by Henry Selick and Jordan Peele.


Sketches 3


This is a sketch for a portrait of graffiti artist Spie

Sup with it fam, its been awhile since I shared some sketches from my process. I share process art a lot with different projects but sometimes I just love looking back at the sketches I made before painting some of my personal or client work. Sometimes the sketches are better than the final. Something about the energy in them.

This was for East Oakland's "Street Level Health"

Chapter 510 (organization) sketch

Sketch from the book Sam! Published by Penny Candy Books

Curry sketch - Warriors

Wide sketch for "Asian Art Museum" in SF

For BLK History month 2021 - Little Richard

This is a sketch for "Orange Barrel Media" AD in Ohio

Here's a self portrait I did many years ago

Sketch Postcard for "Sunrise Movement"

Sketch for Zumbi (Zion-I) RIP

Here's a sketch from "Alejandria Fights Back" pub by Feminist press

Thanks for checking out the sketches. If you notice the majority of my sketches are on paper with pencil. In the last few years I have been using an I-pad pro increasingly to speed up the sketch process and move things around, so you'll be seeing more of those sketches. If you dig these check out my sketchbook tour 

Here's the last sketches post I made in 2018