Nov 29, 2010

Sketch from My 1st Children's book

Just took myself off facebook.Don't know why, but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Need to remove distractions and focus more. Here is another peak at whats to come for my children's book. A friend recently gave me a much needed kick in the butt(Inspiration) to finish it.Here we go!

Nov 26, 2010

Quo Magazine, Mexico DF


This is an illustration for Quo magazine in Mexico-DF. Just wikipedia the name and you'll find some useful information on their Mexican and Spanish sites. I came across this magazine through my neighbor.Its about science, health, psychology, and many other things I'm still trying to understand. If you're a native spanish speaker it should be no problem to read, but if you are "learning" spanish as a second language like me, it is challenging. However I welcome it. Thanks to art director Rodrigo Olmos.

Nov 23, 2010

Inspiration 6

Felideus-dope illustrator, This is It-MJ.I'm amazed at how my 6 yr old sat and watched this film, like I watched "moonwalker" as a kid.Mike's still got it! Arcadia Maximo-Owner/construction worker/designer, Typography by Jon Contino-Joy Liu put me up on him. Les Twins from France-Ill dancers, Electric Wire Hustle-Soul from New Zealand-thx Wonway! Photograph by James Van Der Zee-first came across a book of his about the funerals/the dead,Incredible photographer, Art/mural by Michelle Angela of Las Gallas! Clinica Martin Baro-who I'm doing some art for now, JC Leyedecker-illustrator, my boy levi Ryken turned me onto him. Stitching-seriously thinking of learning more about needle work. The Studio Museum in Harlem-RBG flag, Tony Diterlizzi-incredible illustrator, POP-Pursuit of Passion/diversity in Advertising, great documentary, Meditation-An incredible person invited me to do a poc meditation retreat, and I loved it!I highyl recommend trying it.Ebo Taylor-West African musician-Analogue Africa LP.

Nov 21, 2010


These past few months, in addition to freelance, some teaching, and the economy I had to go out and get another gig. I think most artists have to do something in order to pay bills and survive. The company I have been working with Ascension Tile and Stone has been great, the owner has been doing masterful works for decades, and it is very inspiring to step outside of my regular thought/work process and see a master craftswoman at work. Big up to "Smurf" for hooking it up.Thx Bash for putting up with my blabbering. Ascension does great bathroom and kitchen tiles for businesses, offices, and homes. The owner and chief craftswoman is also an artist, so if you are looking to have a mosaic in your relaxing happy place, holler at her.

Typography 3

W is for Wayne Shorter. Took me several hours to do this by hand.But type is fun...

Nov 6, 2010


Metate, metate, I've been working on ideas for a Tamales Company owned by my neighbor and I'm finally getting down to business with my ideas. This is one of the thought process and part of the diabolical, mistakes and all.

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