Dec 31, 2007

One of my favorite Singers/Groups

SADE:Do i need to say more? Not only is Ms. Adu a talented artist, but the band is amazing.If you havent heard their work as Sweetback, you must peep game. Here go some of my favorite songs/ videos.Dont say i never sprinkled you for the 08'.The first video-sums up my feeling about this coming year.Ive stepped forward and dont plan on stepping backwards.

Sincerly yours,

Robert Trujillo
Feliz Ano Nuevo

and if u slept on Sweetback.........

Dec 27, 2007

"SS" A Zine By Robert Trujillo

The Facts: "SS" (Still Searching) B/W
(Sketchbook Sessions)

MEDIUM:Silk Screened Ink, B/W Copies, Black India Ink, Black Markers
SIZE: About 4.25" x 5.5", 10 B/W pages, One Cover
SUBJECT MATTER: Life, Love, Music, Politics, Comics, Illustration, and Creativity
WHERE: You can buy it at

Thoughts:So, ive been seeing zines for a long time and after several unsuccessful attempts to finish my first comic book, i thought I would work my way up to a comic or graphic novel with the most purest form of expression.Randomness!Ok, maybe not completely random but definitely w/o too many constrictions.Take a look and tell me what you think.errrriiieee!yeee!mmhmm!
-Big Rob
Trust Your Struggle Collective
"Come Bien" Books

This is my first Blog so Welcome to My world, Bienvenidos, and Hwangyong Hamnida!!!!

Wanna see some art from the second volume of this zine? CLICK HERE