Feb 27, 2014

HEART- Positive Affirmation

While taking a break from something else I decided to get back into these affirmations. Hope you dig it. the piece is for sale here HEART

Feb 25, 2014

Stuff im listening to

Some old, some new... You prolly know this one from Joey.Liked Freddie Joachim before I knew he did this, still like him-he works..like a lot. Ego Ella May-exect great things from this young one (uk). The homie Bru Lei-this is probably one of the illest songs Ive heard about fatherhood.Ever. Shout out to Shaun burner for introducing me to this brother. Brother Ledeunff from Hocus Pocus (France)
Oddisee's entire LP is more solid than 50 of the top rappers Lp's from the past 3 years,seriously.

Children's portrait 22- Mateo

This is little Mateo!! I think he's about 7 yrs of age and he's Bolivian, German, and Polish I believe. He saw this and smiled, that made me smile!

Feb 17, 2014

UTNE Reader Illustration 1

UTNE is a forward thinking news source/magazine out of the mid west. I have been checking them out for awhile; intrigued by the covers first then drawn to read up on topics such as farming, protest, politics, good music, environment, and more. I'm starting to work with them and art director Suzanne Lindgren on a series of short op ed type pieces about what people are doing to change the world. Illustration accompanying each one will be coming more regularly I hope and hopefully more collaboration with UTNE. Please go read the article for yourself HERE and check out their site.

Feb 13, 2014

Character 68- Alvin Ailey

I'm just barely beginning to use a wacom tablet, but this was fun coloring this real fast with one. This was part of my regular practice and part of a 30 day exercise (some I'll post , some I probably won't). The man in this original photos name is Solomon Dumas, a dancer at Alvin Ailey dance company in New York.

Feb 12, 2014

Self Portrait 2014

Haven't done a serious portrait of myself in a long while. This was surprisingly fun! Energy!! Figured I do these portraits for kids all the time on wood, why not do my own.

Dig this? check out this self portrait w/ gouache in 2021

Feb 11, 2014

Short story 20- Untitled

In case you cannot read the text, here are the words: 

As a child we’d come at day or night
We’d give our prayers and things felt right
With technology the times would change
The gods began to act so strange

As a child I knew from wrong and right
Now forgot what balance feels like
I bring my son and daughter too
They are scared but they have respect for you 

Wanna see the previous short story?

Feb 8, 2014

Marcus Books-Campaign worth supporting

This post I made on tumblr about Marcus Books got over 2500 hits. Why? I think people responded to the urgency with sharing because they support Black owned businesses in San Francisco, where so many Black folks have been evicted, murdered, arrested, or pushed out. It is also such a powerful beacon of light and resistance. Because, lets face it the history of people of color here in this country has been lit by extreme struggle and a never ending fight to regain some of what was taken away. You know someone who cares to put their money where their mouth and principles are? Pass this to them.

LINK: http://www.gofundme.com/6bvqlk

Feb 6, 2014

Craft Noire: Blog feature for "Affirmations"

Check out this blog yall, They did a feature on my Affirmation paintings awhile back. They have a great eye with a lot of artwork, DIY Projects, and crafty business there. I saw Goldi Gold and Afya from ATL there which was nice; as well as Octavia Butler.

Feb 3, 2014

Handstyles 4- Study hard

My grandma Kumog said this to me every time I would see her in a very heavy accent. Study harddd!

What is this? Handstyles! For as long as I've been drawing I've been practicing lettering. First i. the form of Graffiti, then calligraphy, graphic design, kerning, type setting, sign painting, and so many other forms. I'm not a designer or a lettering specialist, but I can hand write a few different styles and enjoy hand lettering when it's done right.

Dig this? Check out these letters for Hyphen or Colorlines magazine

Feb 2, 2014

Le boulevard-Inspiration (audio)

instant slap