Family Portraits 1-Moniz Family

Yo, Happy New Year to all of you making another rotation around the planet. I just had the chance to paint my first family portrait. My man Tomas from Rad Dad Zine just hit me up to do a piece of his kids, who are mostly grown now. It is an honor and a blessing to paint this man's family as they are beautiful and he's a great father with nuff advice for young cats like myself trying to figure out how to do a better job. How to fall down, dust yourself and get back up.
So for these kids, they are a mixed bunch as far as their ethnicities. And their interest ranges from the eldest daughter (left) Geometric shapes, the youngest daughter likes music (middle left), Tomas (middle right) likes words, and the son (right) likes Graffiti. For this piece I wanted to put a lot of detail in their facial expressions, and to keep their bodies and interests real sketchy and rough. Thank goodness Papa Moniz dug it. Hopefully the kids will feel it too.

If you want a portrait of your family painted, holler!
2014, here's to more art, more inspiration, and more love!


Children's portrait 20 & 21- Angelina and Daniela

These two are sisters , probably around 11 and 9 I think. They are Mexican, SalvadoreƱa, and Irish. Check out the patterns in their shirts. Their favorite colors were blue and red so I played around with that as skin tone again. Big shout out to their auntie, one of my best friends, an incredibly creative and down ass person.


Children's portrait 19-Untitled (soccer/dragon)

This little dude was painted real quick, under the gun of Christmas. I was told he liked dragons and soccer so this is what I painted. His family is from northern Europe and his dad asked that his name not be mentioned, so just enjoy the painting.


Character 61-Jaime Escalante

two good quotes from Kimo are: "Ganas means determination, discipline, hard work" "Don't count the times you are on the floor, you count how many times you get up"


Doin it in the Park-Documentary inspiration

I dont know, some how I totally spaced on seeing this while it was in theaters. The music and the vibe is GREAT.


Selling art at East Side today

If you're around East Side Arts, come through today as I will be selling art and taking orders for children's portraits!


Character 60- Usagi Yojimbo

Usagi loves ramen! Gonna send this one to an auction for Stan Sakai's family. Hope they dig it. You can submit too.