Feb 28, 2011

James Van Der Zee-Inspiration

One of my favorite artists is a photographer named James Van Der Zee. Wrote about him for EAOC (Etsy Artists of Color) blog. Read HERE

Feb 22, 2011

Short Story 2

Keomyuni is one step closer to finding the interpreter of an ancient book about the world's people. Stay tuned for the next episode of "No E.S.".

Feb 15, 2011

Lowrider Arte Feature

This my friends is a truly GREAT honor! I don't think the editors of the Lowrider Arte magazine could have pictured me jumping up and down with excitement when I found out that I was a featured artist last (December/January). There are lots of prestigious illustration magazines and competitions (especially now days). But lets face it. I'm still a big kid and I started reading Lowrider Arte in 1990, I've wanted to be a featured artist in it since then. 21 years later dreams do come true. A very small success to some, but a huge smile for me. This is one of the first places I saw a positive reflection of brown artists creating. The original painting is of my son, my Dancing Lion.

Feb 14, 2011

Children's Book process/evolution

Just took a big step in this book's progress, wish me luck. This is an example of the evolutionary process of one of the pages. It has changed so many times, and these are only a few of the examples. The latest version looks different too.

Feb 11, 2011

Amara Tabor Smith x Deep Waters x CounterPULSE

I have to give some super BIG props to Amara for letting me rock with her on this one. Props to my art director Mr. Shamsher Virk. If you are in the Bay and are interested in the theatrical performance of Dance, Food, Art,Interactive Theater, Multi-media, and Magic you will definitely enjoy what she's cooking up for OUR DAILY BREAD. After speaking with Amara last year we both realized we were working on similar food related projects.Hence, the need for this collaboration; and much more....Check out the process of creating a poster for the event!!Some of my biggest design inspirations for this project were from Ms Joy Liu, Mister Bouncer, and ScottLaRockwell....To see more of what Amara's crew does, please go to Deep Waters

Feb 10, 2011

La Piel Que Habito, Outside the Law, y Flowers of Evil -Great Films

La Piel que habito Outside the Law Flowers of Evil These are soem great films I saw recently, check them out.

Feb 9, 2011

Muphoric Sounds 13

Then we'll have days that are filled with "days and nights" of love and you, and me...I've played this record out many times. Check out my write up on Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway's duet at Muphoric Sounds

Feb 2, 2011

Typography 6

A is for Amel Larriuex. I once had the fortune to meet and draw Amel Larriuex live at The Blue Note, she and her family are very down to earth/amazingly talented folks!More hand painted/ hand made jazz typography coming soon!

ALL African Graff Writers-Oakland

Incredible project the homie Refa 1 has been working on. Art+knowledge=unstoppable power. Positive self reflection=uplifting of a people!