Aug 27, 2014

Hand styles 8-Stic Man

From the song "Window to my Soul" . Photo from Huff Post photographer Pascal Kerouche.

What is this? Handstyles! For as long as I've been drawing I've been practicing lettering. First i. the form of Graffiti, then calligraphy, graphic design, kerning, type setting, sign painting, and so many other forms. I'm not a designer or a lettering specialist, but I can hand write a few different styles and enjoy hand lettering when it's done right.

Dig this? Check out these lyrics by Tupac
Or these letters for Hyphen or Colorlines magazine
Check out this Zach de La Rocha quote 

Aug 21, 2014

Interview w/ Bevel Code

Cassidy and Tyler (from Bevel) came by and did a quick interview about "Furqan's First Flat Top". The company Bevel makes shaving products specifically for men of color and has spearheaded a blog to focus on creatives, barbershops, black hair, and style. Go check it out at
I'm working on the book yall!

Aug 20, 2014

Soul Portrait 2- Anita Baker

Welcome to a new series of portraits based on soul musicians. I'll be experimenting with different styles as usual and putting up some classic and questionable soul artists.  This one was done with ink, markers, on ink jet paper. I t wrinkled, but it was still fun to do.

Anita Baker: I grew up listening to Ms. Baker and always loved her voice. I play the classics like Rapture, Good love, and Angel . Long live that deep voice of Anita! Some folks that have sampled her sound that I love are Thee Satisfaction, Ras Kass, and Abstract Tribe Unique.

If you dig this check out: Andrew Ashong , H.E.R.

Aug 18, 2014

Inspiration board 19

From Left to right: Giant Robot logo from "SuperAwesome show in Oakland, Paul Lasaine painting/setting, Ebony Jr magazine! Did you know this used to exist? I didnt., Black Panther Party-what they did rings so true right now. Solidarity between folks in Detroit to Palestine dealing with oppressive forces of US Govt/ corps. The internet's own boy-dope doc about Aaron Schwartz, Art installation of Henrique Oliveira, AWAY by Kenneth Whalum feat Big Krit! Eddie Moore & the Outer Circle-Passing By, Hood of a lowrider at the Art Meza "Lowriting" exhibit/ on Mission SF, Andrew Ashong-musician, Movement to Boycott Israel's occupation/Apartheid of Palestine! Youth reacting, taking action, and becoming politicized in Ferguson-RIP Mike Brown, UMA, a book illustrated by Francois Roca, Set design of The Boxtrolls by LAIKA, and "Never left" by Illa J and Potato head People.

Settings series

The first in many more to come, practicing plein air paintings of scenes. Practice, practice, practice. This view from the Berkeley hills while in between jobs.

Aug 11, 2014

Character 82-Gomez Addams

Wanted to do my version of the Addams Family head, Gomez.  He's got a bit of my grandfather in him.

Aug 3, 2014

Muphoric Sounds 40- Los Orientales de Paramonga

What a beautiful song, been loving this jam for years and finally wrote something about it. Shout out to Super Sonido blog for putting me on to this. More at