Jun 25, 2011

Positive Wall Affirmation "Flex-a-bility"

I know its spelled differently, but this is the next in the series of positive wall affirmations. So many things change, and they always will. I try to stretch every now and then in order to be flexible for those changes. Again, these are positive phrases or words meant to hang around as a positive reminder. luv and light.


Jun 23, 2011

Ride the train, plane, bike, wave, etc. slap

Feeling Wes Felton's "The Dream"

and that new TEEKO song too "Smile Pains"

Character 22 -Ghost Dad

Was watching this last week for the first time in a long time and made me think of doing my own version of ghost dad. People of color and science fiction is something id like to see more of. What say you?

Jun 21, 2011

Jazz Portraits 11- Ejigayehu "GIGI" Shibabaw

Can't remember how i stumbled across Gigi (Ethiopia), but i loved her voice as soon as I heard it. Here's one I like "Gole" and Mengedegna

Jun 19, 2011

Typography 11-Jneiro Jarel

It's colorful, translucent, psychedelic, and well anyone who's heard this dudes production will feel me on the weirdness/freshness of Jneiro Jarel's ( Dr. Who Dat, Shape of Broad Minds, Willie Isz)sound. Peep
Amazonica and Soul Starr and Memories

Jun 17, 2011

Sa Pilipinas upon us

Yo, have been noticeably absent from the blog. Been finishing up a huge mural (fotos/video coming soon)at a local high school,sending off loved ones(and my heart) to fly across the globe, and helping my crew prep for their journey to The Philippines by helping to print posters/shirts/ and package them! Yes lawd, it is finally happening, my crew is traveling on our 3rd mural tour. Here is the video clip, if you need a refresher. If you know of any magazines, journalists, or artists out there please holler at me, as I will be doing my best to get press to the walls they paint. Erin Yoshi, Cece Carpio, Miguel "Bounce" Perez, and Shaun Burner will be out there collaborating w/ The Estria Foundation, Palawan University, Anak Bayan, and so many more. Check out the homie Pele and Kerri on the Jeepney photo! The folks will be in: Manila, Baguio, and Palawan. For those of you my folks who donated your hard earned scrilla (money), your gifts are on the way! If you don't get yours, please holler at me. Some of you already have, thanks! The homie Pele put together a few workshops for us about what its like out there and I have to say Im super juiced to learn more about how organizers, activists, and artists work together out there to create change.

Jun 5, 2011

Muphoric Sounds 16

Here is the 16th installment of my "in the trunk" series on Muphoric Sounds. If you love hip hop samples you've probably heard Mr. David Axelrod's music before. I still remember the times when I would get ecstatic about just putting on a record and finding something incredible that no one had ever heard before. Take a listen to this one


Black Coffee-Even Though

Big shouts out to Alex Cespedes for putting me on to this producer. I heard this exactly when i needed to. Before living in Brooklyn, I probably would have never dug house. But....with new cities, new people, and new experiences we grow. Stay strong yall and dance no matter what.

Jun 1, 2011

Short Story 6

150 years from now Atoure walks through the abandoned courtyard with her youngest son. He has been attending flight school for nearly all his life and is maturing into quite the free spirit. Although he is the smallest of his class and the bigger kids tease him, he has listened well. Atoure talks slowly with her Caribbean accent, but she is incredibly excited just like her boy, who is "flying" after all. Truly flying!