Apr 27, 2015

Campaigns worth supporting in Oakland & Abroad

Right next to East Side Arts Alliance? What?!This kind of business employs the youth and the parents of youth, and is what Oakland really needs. Keba Konte has been doing such good work in the Bay for so long (Art, Design, Food, Social Justice), its only right. Guerilla Cafe, Chasing Lions, etc Mumia Abu Jamal is one of the most informative and revolutionary voices of journalism we have today. His work has helped shaped me and has touched millions. If you've never heard of his story, look him up here. And listen to his many broadcasts of political analysis.

Apr 23, 2015

Inspiration board 21

Ok, so for those of you new to this, ever so often i make a collage of nouns that are interesting to me or that have inspired me in some way recently. Here from top to bottom, left to right. 1. Strange Fruit-a graphic novel exploring untold African American stories by Joel Christian Gill 2. Moe Green-I'm new to this Vallejo based MC. Glad i found him 3. Emily King-Such a great vocalist/artist from NYC 4. Golden Age-Eartha Kitt (go listen on Soundcloud) 5. An amazing illustration by Chase Conley 6. Las Cafeteras (LA) got to meet them and watch them perform-amazing!!! 7. Robin Purcell-i'm really feeling plein air and landscape paintings right now 8. Film Maker and professor-Frances Negron Mutaner (Boricua) drops science about Puerto Rican herstory 9.The Whole System is Guilty-i'm glad this phrase/thinking is catching on. These are not isolated injustices 10. Juke Joint-an amazing book of photos showcasing by Birney Imes 11.The Walking Dead-I'm on season 4, just got sucked in 12. Ian McQue-amazing character designer/concept artist 13. Imprisoned-a book that details so much more about WW2 than what is written about the Japanese in most history books 14. Gabby O' Connor-sculpture,lighting, art 15. Just discovered the amazing work of Elizabeth Catlett! 16. Larry Fong-an amazing Director of Photography-watch Super 8.

Apr 22, 2015

Until We Are All Free-Tool Kit (Culture Strike)

Yo, I'm happy to share a too with you. This is a free tool kit for activists and artists to use when making artwork (stencils and banners) for protests, political actions, and or marches. With MAY DAY (International Workers Day) coming up quick, it is pretty freakin awesome to be invited to share artwork for anyone to take and use as a stencil for actions.

The message is simple, make art. Make a statement about what is happening around us whether it be the unjust treatment/separation/ and incarceration of Latino immigrants in this country, the murder of Black and Brown folks, the right of workers to a livable minimum wage and all the fight it takes to get it, or the shit Trans folks have to deal with. Use this tool kit to speak on it. Thank you Culture Strike! The piece I was asked to alter for stencil making is here.
Shout out to Sonia G, Oree Originol, Julio Salgado, and Favianna Rodriguez


Apr 17, 2015


there is a high caliber of storytellling here from the director of "The Wood" and "Brown Sugar"

Apr 16, 2015

Soul Portrait 8- Chantae Cann

I found Chantae Cann through a post my Muphoric Sounds partner made. I had seen her post about this group Jaspects and not listened to it for quite awhile. Then when i listened I found a song called "Find my way to love" which is gorgeous. Chantae's voice is a breath of fresh air, so clear, melodic, and powerful.Another of my favorites by her is "Da da n Da" with Snarky Puppy. And I can't forget her rendition of "People Make the World Go Round" If you like what you hear, support her here.

Dig this? Check out this portrait of Eddie Kendricks

Soul Portrait 7-Ego Ella May

I believe I first came across Ella May's work through Moovmnt.com It's hard for me to hear a song and immediately be hooked, but thats how I felt after hearing "Underwater" for the first time. I must have played it 10 times in a row just to get the melody straight. I'm hopeful for a new release from this incredible UK vocalist. Her latest song is called "How Far" and it too slaps.Check her out!

Apr 13, 2015

Stuff I've been listening to- 6

pullin out old vinyl

Chapter 510's "Make Believe" Poster

Created to support Chapter 510's campaign to build support for their new program called "Make Believe" which will build and cultivate a larger community in Oakland for literacy. The programs architects aim to be a resource of support for Oakland's youth rather than another organization claiming to be a savior. Over the course of next year, they hop to get 510 new supporters, 5100 hours of volunteer support, and to raise $510,000 more programs using poetry, craft work, reading, and writing. You know some people they should talk to? Hit them up! Check out the artwork process above and the beautiful color work/design added by Bookish Design.

The idea for this poster was inspired by talking with Janet and Tavia of Chapter 510 about imagination and make believing. So, in it I wanted to portray some of what it's like to read or write about your current reality and worlds you've never seen before. Hope you dig.

Character 92- Swing Back

Sometimes a thought just comes out, wasn't thinking "self defense" but this is what i see. Imagine how folks would feel if black folks started striking back physically. You can watch your family be murdered only so many times before you fight back, right? Would the media be quick to demonize African Americans fighting, swinging, and shooting back to defend their loved ones since cops, courts, and the US justice system has never had their back?

Family portraits 2- Grandma Tatsuya

Tatsuyo made it to 99 years young. From the photo reference you could tell she had a whole lot of energy and spirit. Rip. Portrait for Tom!

Apr 9, 2015

Character 91- Father, Son, & Fear

Do people understand what Black fathers, Black women, Black trans folks, etc feel like when they walk outside? 

Apr 5, 2015

Furqan's First Flat Top UPDATE 2

Hello, if you are one of the many backers of this project, please go to Kickstarter and read the quick update. Almost done with the paintings, Yeee!!

Apr 4, 2015

Character 90- Pizza guys

Drew this of these cats flying to deliver a pizza! Watercolor and ball point pen.

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