Sep 25, 2012

Muphoric Sounds 25- Ana Tijoux (MC)

Just wrote a quick Muphoric Piece about this video. If you havent checked out her new video shot by B+, do it now and check out all the others as well. Ana is putting it down consistently and fiercely. Congrats on your Grammy Nomination sis. photo credit: OndaTropica

Sep 24, 2012

Typography 24- Oliver Nelson (Saxophone)

The first time I heard Oliver was on a Blue note Compilation my mom had. Not as well known to me and still a bit of a mystery, I dug up some new favorites from him such as Disillusioned, Black, Brown, and beautiful, and Melissa. My favorite song by him is "Stolen Moments".

Sep 23, 2012

Changing the face of publishing (video)

Changing the Face of Publishing from Facing Out on Vimeo.

So much information, relatability in this, and just affirmation that im not crazy. Thank you "cool poc writers god"

Sep 18, 2012

Typography 23- Linda Oh (Bass)

Found Ms Linda Oh while checking out the "Girls In the Band" flick. I'm new to her stuff, but you can hear the good things that are about to come from her. Peep this performance of Monk, her songs Morning sunset, "Deeper than Happy", and the remix

Sep 17, 2012

Muphoric Sounds 24- A Taste of Honey

If you ever get a chance to pick this "A Taste of Honey" record up at a record store, yes a "record store" get it! Its a beautiful album. Peep these fotos of them:
I just did a piece on this group for my IN THE TRUNK section, go read please and leave feedback, prose, rants, something.

Sep 14, 2012

Chicago Teachers-Rebel Diaz

Nuff props to Rebel Diaz, "Response-ability" They rather put the kids in jail Shackle em with chains Then provide an education to challenge the brain -Rod Star Inspiring

Sep 4, 2012

Jazz Portraits 26- Patrice Rushen ( Piano/ Vocals)

Patrice Rushen is an OG musician. Been listening to her music for awhile. I think i first flipped out when I heard "Where there is love", because Mobb Deep used that for Temperature's rising. But aside from all the great soulful songs she did from ablums like Pizaz, Posh, and Patrice; she started with more experimental, electronic, and funky Jazz. Some of the songs I dug up that I liked were Before the Dawn, Stepping Stones, and Puttered popcorn . Long live Patrice, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and funk goddess.