Mar 31, 2020

Pele/ Durian Funk 2 - Trust Your Struggle

Just completed the artwork for this mix by my brother Pele (TYS) based in the Philippines. His DJ project Durian Funk shares funky revolutionary music from The Philippines and the US mixed on two turntables. 

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From Pele:

Trust Your Struggle | Volume One
This mix is dedicated to the world amidst these trying times. Especially, to all of those who are feeling unsure of what tomorrow may bring for our loved ones, ourselves and our communities.
I am right there with you fam and I hope this music can give you some sort of inspiration to help us all get through these uncertain times. Sending you nothing but love, strength and some funky, soulful medicine music. In solidarity from Mindanao, Philippines to where ever you are on this Planet Earth.
Trust (Y)our Struggle,
Pele Durian Funk
1. "We've Got Work To Do" - Tribe
2. "Think People" - Tribe
3. "We Know We Have To Live Together" -
Eugene Blacknell and the New Breed
4. "Concrete Jungle" - Little Beaver
5. "Waste Not Want Not" - Ken Haywood
6. "Suffer" - IFA Afrobeat & Okwei V Odili
7. "Our Generation" - Ernie Hines
8. "World" - 1619 Bad Ass Band
9. "Take A Look At Yourself" - Eddie Russ
10. "Rise Up" - Greenwood Rhythm Coalition
+Vocal Samples - Nina Simone, Amiri Baraka, Paul Robeson and Fela Kuti
11. "Zombie" - Fela Kuti and Afrika 70
12. "Upside Down" - Freedonia
13. "La Valla" - Bronx River Expressway
14. "Mr. Fortune" - The Hitchhikers
15. "Each One Teach One" - Kokolo
16. "Joyful Noise" - Breakestra
17. "Uhuru" - The Ramsey Lewis Trio
18. "We Ain't Free" - Boscoe
19. "We The People" - The Soul Searchers
20. "No More" - The Lumpen
Cover Art by Robert "Tres" Trujillo
Recorded and mixed by Pele | Durian Funk Productions.
Mastered by Dion Decibels.
Much love and appreciation to all the musicians and bands played on this mix. Massive respect to all the original vinyl diggers worldwide keeping the music alive.
Special shout out to Robert Liu-Trujillo and my Trust Your Struggle fam. And big thanks to the homie Jay Gee.
If you would like to support |
Daghang salamat, many thanks.

Mar 28, 2020

Flashback - Zines

2010 Zine
Reminiscing, I found some artwork from some old zines I made. I've been thinking a lot about doing some new ones for fun and to work in a different style. The image above is from a class project I did with a few other students at Oakland's "Youth Empowerment School" or YES which was a progressive high school in East Oakland. The class was not popular but I think making zines is a fun activity for kids who are into it. 
2008 Brooklyn
This photo is from the Brooklyn store Fresthetic. Those who've been following this blog for a long time know. But if you're new, I used to live in Brooklyn NY for a short time which was ages ago. This show was in 2008 I believe. I starred making zines in 2007 and learned a lot about the community, events, stores that carried them, and how to make my own project. Basiclym, this was a precursor to learning self publishing kids books.

Wanna see more? 
Check out my first Zine "SS-Still Searching"

Video- Dumdfounded

I may not know all of his songs but I KNOW Dumbfounded's rep. This cat is a poet, intellectual, MC, and ill lyricist! .Respect

Mar 25, 2020

Article - Permanently Organized

Yoooo, this right here! The writer Michelle is an old friend and her organization "Movement Generations" has been organizing around land, labor, justice, and ecology for a minute. What does that mean? Its a lot to explain-but they're down. Please take 6 minutes and read this article about how we stay ready for the apocalypse.

I'll give you an example of how she practices what "Movement Gen" preaches from a parent perspective. You ever wanted to go out for a date whether you're boo'd up or single but you have a child or children you don't want to leave at home? This sister and her family created an organized community strategy to this. 5-10 families all pitch in by watching each other children on a rotating basis. Each Friday the kids go to one families house who watches all the kids (think activities, food, movies) and the other families go out for 2 maybe 3 hours to dance, see a movie, see a concert, or relax. Sound cool? Imagine if we were all so connected we didn't have to grocery shop or put elders in an old folks home, we'd all help each other by sharing the care.

Mar 23, 2020

Video - Game Rebellion

Flashback! GAME Rebellion was one of the illest bands of the 2000's!! This is one of their illest videos and feels appropriate right now.

Mar 20, 2020

Character 155 - Fix vs trash

You could throw it away, or you could fix it. If you didn't see the previous short story, you should probably see it here: Short story 28 - Flight

And here is the last two characters before this:
Pack Your bag
Jet Boil

Finance, knowledge, shame- Berna Anat, Farnoosh Torabi, and Ramona Ortega

We all have debt whether you're poor, working class, or middle class. Only the wealthy and ultra wealthy can possibly say they do not have debt. We all struggle with paying rent, mortgage, bills, and living life because of financial knowledge, historical theft, so much.

But Berna Anat really is an approachable, plain language, and funny person who is knowledgeable about debt and some of the cultural nuances that most white male financial planners talk about. Check out this talk! Really worth following her.

Farnoosh! Love her she has a great podcast called "So Money" with short practical tips and interviews with folks who specialize in specific areas of finance. I subscribe to her podcast to learn!!

Lastly, Ramona Ortega! I found Ramona through Backstage Capital (Arlan Hamilton). Her company My Money My Future/ Mi Dinero Mi Futuro is a financial advising school and service. I subscribe to her newsletter and it is awesome.

Yes you can get advice and services for finances. You don't have to be a rich white man to get it either.

Inspiring women tackling finance for people who don't have the time, but want to save, grow their money, diversify their income streams, and live life. Of course there is this thing called Capitalism , Racism, and Imperialism which maintains unequal distribution of wealth and has literally robbed folks. But thats a whole other conversation. 

Be well and get fed mentally!

Mar 18, 2020

Mixed Kid

Here's a new painting I made for fun. It's a way to show pride in being a mixed kid. What is a mixed kid? Well for me, it means someone who comes from multiple ethnic backgrounds or nationality. But it could also mean a mixture of experiences, countries, beliefs, families, or religions. Take it how you will. If it resonates with you, great!

This is a square print of an original acrylic painting. It comes in two sizes and is inspired by my own multiethnic / multiracial heritage. That's also why it has many colors.

If you'd like a print of this painting go HERE

Check out some close ups.

Mar 16, 2020

E14 Gallery & Store

Affiliated is one way to put it. Connected and rooted is another way to lay it down. In the midst of both artists and small stores feeling a huge hit of this corona pandemic I want to give this Oakland store a shout out run by Viviana. Founded some five or six years ago as an offshoot of the EastSide Arts Alliance, E14 has been home to some amazing gallery art exhibitions, film premiere's, music performances, book readings, and more. They are based in Old Oakland section of the town. But with todays climate for shopping what I would invite you to do is:

Follow their Instagram page

Keep an eye out for their posts about new merch as they have a great selection of jewelry, books, music, art, clothing, and more unrivaled in the Bay. And most of it by Black and Brown artisans from around the way.

Here's a video about the old location, they've since moved across the street.

Mar 13, 2020

READ Print 2

Here is the next READ print in a series of them. I have no idea how many of these I'm going to do but I'm enjoying making them and I hope you like them as well. If you'd like to get a print for your classroom, office, or library please go here. BUY A PRINT!

Did you see the first print in the series? LINK
Check out the pack of Story time prints.

Here are some close ups of the piece.

Mar 12, 2020

Seba Kaapstad - Musical Inspiration

Just found this group via Mellow Music and they sound amazing. They are a multi national group; South African, German, and Swazi. Very funky, soulful, and a touch of Jazz. Hopefully this can give you some light today. Listen to their LP on Bandcamp!

Mar 8, 2020

Inspiring Artist - Paul Davey (Mattahan)

Paul Davey is one of my favorite artists. He paints and draws digitally mostly. And he captures young Black women exquisitely! I don't know much about him except, that he is super talented. You can check out more of his work here:

Have you ever seen the work of Syd Mead (RIP) ?

Mar 7, 2020

Latinx Comics Arts Festival- Modesto

Yo, juiced to be at Modesto Community College again this year for the Latinx Comic Arts Festival. There will be lots of creators tabling so bring your folks, homies, etc. March 20-21st! EVENT Invite LINK

Here's a link to an article about the show

Mar 6, 2020

Short story 28 - Flight

"Normally I would tell you to get your hair out of my face! But, agggghhh!" Shouted Tong as Hattie duck, dived, and barreled the dragonfly. Not trying to win, but showing off. There was something peaceful about riding. Our lands seemed to go on forever and I had never seen it from so high up. I want to win but Hattie just wants to have fun.  

This is the latest short story! If you missed the last one please check out "Hike" by clicking this link.

Digital drawing
Lightboxing with colored pencils

Mar 5, 2020

ArtvsArtist 2020

Here is my #ArtvsArtist piece for 2020. I didn't see anyone posting new ones yet this year so i thought I'd do it again. I haven't done one since 2018. Check out some of these pieces in more detail. From left to right, top to bottom. If you're new to my work, here's how you can work with me LINK, or you can email me at
1. Read Print 1
2. Brown Berets for Inktober
3. Bandsaw character
4. Leila Motley (Poet)
5. Me- Photo by Kristen Murakoshi
6. Dads who dig character
7. Boombox character
8. Play That Beat type
9. Organizer painting

Mar 3, 2020

Freelance Chronicles 6 - Biz Podcasts

This is a short one. Here is one way I do research on improving the business side of my art making. I read books, articles, talk to people, network, all that. But when I'm not doing those, I'm often listening to podcasts about business or entrepreneurs. Here are a few I recommend if you make products for people to purchase. That product could be hiring you personally or purchasing a digital/physical item from you.

Why? Making art is only half the hustle, unfortunately we not only have to sell it, but we have to find out how to authentically reach our audience. Enjoy!

Dirty Old Ladies is run by three women in comics and it talks about tabling at events, conferences, distribution, and other insider news to the business of making comics. I started because of C Spike Trotman who is a Black woman who runs the largest indy comics publisher in Chicago. Listen

Ok, this brother Jay Jones gives some interviews, advice, and resources that are very interesting. Listen.

This podcast is run by Sonja Rasula who started the Unique Markets. This is super helpful because each episode is with a small or medium sized business owner and it involves Sonja giving advice about a specific tactic. Listen!

Etsy Conversations w/ Ijemoa Eleazu is a great business podcast whether you sell on Etsy or not. She interviews a wide range of guests about running a shop-physical and digitial. Listen to the many episodes HERE

Check out of the many episodes with Jeff Staples, this is show where Jeff interviews business owners and individual entrepreneurs about their biz journey. LINK

I love this show because the host Katie Hunt talks with small business owners about book keeping, marketing, social media, selling products, and more. She also runs bootcamps and communities online where folks can learn and share resources. Listen.

There are tons more, but check out these. I actually take notes on these. Sometimes I listen to episodes multiple times or follow up on resources I heard about through them. Good luck!

READ THE PREVIOUS POST:  How to work with me!

Here are some other honorable mentions worth listening to:

Vel The Wonder - Inspiring rhymes

feeling her rhymes, cadence, and space in between rhymes.