Feb 28, 2012

Octavia Butler 4 EAOC(Black Herstory)

I created this piece for Etsy Artists of Color  Read the piece I wrote about how I came to know and love Ms. Butler.

You can see some more of my illustration here with this collage

Feb 21, 2012

Positive Wall Affirmation- "Play" (hand crafted)

Having more fun with power tools, decided to cut up this old frame and play around a bit, hence the name "play".  More power tool messing about coming soon. Heres the link to the store

Feb 19, 2012

Small feature on "Aztlan Reads"

I want to start this post out by giving a reference to how I first came to understand what the word Xican@ means. I was fortunate enough to attend one of the only high schools that had both African American and Raza studies class. I know, right? But I didn't fully appreciate the value of that until I got much older. One of my instructors/mentors of the time was a Xicana from LA named Julia Luna. Ms Julia Luna (whom I both respected and thought was beautiful) once scolded me for not knowing what Xicano meant.

Corky Gonzales, who? Oh, its related to UFW? Oh yeah, No Grapes! After she explained it, she told me, if you want to write it for a girl use "A". If for a guy use "O", but if you really want to be cool (I did, I so did) write it starting with an X and ending with the @ symbol. This is in the mid 90's yall, no one was using the @ symbol. When I was still struggling to accept all of my heritage, she invited me to participate in a Xicano graduation ceremony at my school. I was nervous as hell because I wasn't sure if I fit in at all, but i still have the plaque. Thank you Ms Luna, where ever you are.

 Case in point, if I didn't have someone to expose me to cultural ideas like that I would'nt have had the courage to say I want to know more, or this IS who I am. Check out AZTLAN READS when you get a chance. There is a wealth of information here with links to books, authors, and artists I've always loved and people who I've never heard of. Its a new blog, so please spread the word and contribute, they need love so knowledge can over come bullshit and racism.

Folks, this is one step higher on the staircase of storytelling for me. Some of the stories from my series are grammatically incorrect, without a shadow, an extra brush stroke, etc. But, the point is that they are experiments and a practice of letting go. Not over thinking whether they are "finished" but rather sharing them with people, lots of them.

So anyways, check them out and support.See? twitter is worth something! I found Aztlan Reads there. Big thanks to David Cid and Art Meza. Check out the Antonia I. Castaneda prize for writing Flight to Freedom-A story about Central Americans refugees in California, and their list of documentaries is ridiculous, who wants to watch some?

Feb 14, 2012

Typography 18-Quadron

I know some folks are going to diagree with me on this one, but I think Denmark's Robin and Coco are bringing some serious Jazz like flavor with cuts like Løb Stop Stå , Simili Life, and Unpatience . You can hear it if you listen carfeully. Big ups to the Quadron crew! This is number 18 in a series of Jazz Typography. From old school musicians, to new ones that music lovers need to hear.

Feb 10, 2012

Fresh Juice in the Bronx-Styles P

Besides a lot of "you know what it is" and other slang words from NY this is pretty #$%^& dope. A rapper putting his name on something "healthy" for you, his community, etc. Too many cats be trying to put their name on liquor or power drinks.And its a real shop off the Castle Hill stop on the 6 train, check out the article in Black Enterprise. Might have to visit the next time I'm in NYC.

Feb 8, 2012

New Mural in SF "Tuloy Po Kayo"

Tuloy Po Kayo from Pueblo Nuevo Gallery on Vimeo.

I had the pleasure of adding a few brush lines on this one. Cece Carpio and Miguel Perez were the quarter backs, I am super proud of my sister, comrade, crew mate Cece because she was the one who ultimately oversaw the production of this HUGE wall. Give thanks to Miguel on the beautiful job shooting and editing the video, while painting some dope #$@%.

February Love & Light (Switch Plate)

LINK to the sto'

Feb 7, 2012

Short Story 11-Furqan's 1st Flat Top

Furqan was really nervous about going to get his first flat top. The Barber seemed like a nice old man, but Furqan still asked him to wait until he was ready. Finally the man began, holding the child's hair, moving the chair, and making funny faces. But, when all was said and done, the boy looked in the mirror, then looked turned around with a triumphant look on his face.He threw his fist up and motioned with his hand, emphasizing the "flatness" of his new cut. And that is how Furqan got his first ever "Flat Top", with a little extra gumby.
I went back to the digital medium for this one, to play around with light, texture, and shadow. Digital is different, but it can be fun. I also changed the type mid way through.I wanted to write it like Brazilian Pichação, but felt a more hand drawn look would bring out the "child" in it. Please let me know what you think and check out the snap shots from the process, which I must say is getting faster!

Dig this? This short story is now a book which has sold out two print runs. You can see a trailer for it here and you might be able to find some copies floating around on the internet.

Seoul-ful pt. 3-Blast from the past (Mixtape)

As many of you know I love music, but you have no idea how obsessed I was with buying, listening to, mixing, scratching, organizing, and playing records I was. Now, must of it is done digitally. But this is a mixtape I made more than ten years ago (Can't find the original art/design). I still like it and a friend asked me to share it recently; so I thought why not share it with you. I didnt have a four track recorder at the time, just 2 1200 Technics Turntables, a Vestax 05 Pro, my amplifier, and a CD Recorder/burner. I was and still am a great admirer and appreciator of music. Enjoy. PS: Soundcloud cut out one of the tracks from the mix which included a dreamy Astrud Gilberto song, if you want me to send you the entire mix, just comment with your email.

Feb 4, 2012

Precious Knowledge (Video) Ethnic Studies

Yo! Just received this link Teacher Activist Group from some sisters out in Philly who put me up on a twitter campaign to fight for Ethnic Studies, specifically in response to Arizona's ban of Mexican American Studies/ Ethnic Studies, but generally for schools across the US. If you wish to get involved and you are on twitter, type in this hashtag #WishILearnedinHS and write something. If you are not on twitter and would like to get involved please visit FAAN(Fostering Activism and Alternatives Now!).

Check out this documentary in the making

Precious Knowledge Trailer from Ari Palos on Vimeo.

Jazz Portraits 19 -Celia Cruz (Vocals)

I'm still learning when it comes to Latin Jazz, and I wont argue about whether Celia is Salsa, Latin Jazz, genre's etc. Im putting her into my series because I love "Bemba Colora" (yes this version, specifically) , Mango Mangue, y Caramelo. This is an illustration of her infectious smile in older age, but look her up when she was a young lady too.She was definitely fly!