Jul 30, 2009

Speed Illustration Film Project w/ Q-Department+Rabbit Content

Hey folks, forgot I had this. About 4 or 5 months ago myself and film maker Olubusola Ajayi (who is working on a dope film about...I cant tell you yet-because she's still working on it) went to check out a short Art+Film project in New York with Jonathan & Josh Baker-TWiN. (two film makers from Australia) from The Q-department and Rabbit Content. Basically myself and several other artists did freestyle drawings to some dope music the two twins chose. The musician I got was one of my favorites, Mr. Donny Hathaway. On the night of the event they took all the footage they took of each artist and showed them all together. Check out my drawing here.

Jul 29, 2009

RYSE Center in Richmond w/ Alejandra Perez

Peace yawl, been grinding away on several projects out here in the bay town. The two foremost are for 7Stylez.com for the homie Hagar.Check him out, he's working on positivity in the clothing industry....and Roger Hall's film "Holding on to Jah". . Please check them both out. Working hella hord!

On another note, one of my objectives when I came back to the bay town was to connect with some of the artists and writers who have contributed their beautiful work and energy to Come Bien Books. I got a chance to sit down and rap with several up and coming artists & writers these past few weeks, whom you will be seeing more of soon. The talented, up and coming artist/ youth activist Ms. Alejandra Perez was nice enough to give me a tour of the new RYSE Center in Richmond,Ca. Almost 3 years ago, myself, Skot La Rockwell, and Bounce from the Trust Your Struggle Collective painted a large mural on the front of their building. Check out Ryse here: http://www.rysecenter.org/index.php?topic=supporters
The youth and staff their are hella nice and have been putting in serious work to enrich the lives of families in Richmond. Props to yawl!

Jul 25, 2009

Drawings from Supercuts Party in SF, Ca

If I did these right you should recognize the artists then connect it to the title of one of their songs. I'll give you a hint, two are from Los Angeles, Ca and the other is from Nigeria.These three are just a few of the many drawings/paintings I did about a week ago in San Francisco live and direct at the Supercuts party with DJ Sake One, DJ Mpenzi and our gracious host Ms Joy Liu. Thx Joy, if youre reading this! Me and Joy brought out some weaponry for the eyes at the party that night and it was a good night. Both Sake and Mpenzi threw on some sure shots that I had not been expecting to hear. Music inspires! If you get a chance go check out project one-the location of the party. Peep the flyer below for info.

Jul 22, 2009

RPSC Reviews my zine!!!!!!

Zine Review numero uno este ano! The folks over at Rock Paper Scissors Collective were nice enough to take a look at my zine and review it. Thanks RPS! Once again if you have not visited their store in Oakland, check them out. Real people do real things!!
-Roberto Trujillo aka Tres
TYS Collective, Come Bien Books

SITE: www.rpscollective.com

REVIEW: http://rpszinelibrary.wordpress.com/2009/07/19/ss-robert-trujillos-zine/

Look for more reviews and some pretty cool Zine collaborations with National and International artists verrrrry soon. Hit me up if youre down to collab on sumn.

Jul 8, 2009

Political Poster...a year in the making

Peace yawl, didnt have a light box, so i snuck into CCA in Oakland to trace this image.They were nice enough to let me use their #$%& w/o calling the po-lice.Ive been working with this organization based in Manhattan for almost a ayear now.I predict it will be a year when Im done and it is finally printed. Its a really cool org because they do political work for dissenters(folks who exercise their right to protest, do direct action,etc). Ive gone through helllllla sketches, roughs, re-do's,etc and Im now about to do the final comp. Coming very soon. Sorry for the dark picture, but you get an idea where im going with it, no?

Sew Seoulful at RPS Collective in Oakland,Ca

Just got the Sew Seoulful back up at RPS Collective in Oakland. RPS has been folks since waay back. The whole TYS crew + the homies Tiffany Eng + Joy Liu (what up yawl!) did a show there in 06' entitled "All City Sacred". Annnd I used to teach DJing classes there. Now, when I started making zines they supported, sooo I had Vol.1 up in there and now heres Vol.2-Sew Seoulful. Peep the foto from their zine rack, the old SS.Vol1 was still up! Yeah!
If you have never been to RPS you gotta slide through and check them out. Far from doing art just for arts sake. RPS offers hella different workshops for anyone who wants to come through for sliding scale and they host community events on the reg.Go check them out. http://rpscollective.com/
photo credit goes to: artiscycle.net

Jul 2, 2009

Sew Seoulful at Needles & Pens, SF, CA

Just got the zine up in Needles & Pins due to Ms. Breezy. Thanks Breezy! If you get a chance and youre in The Sco'( San Francisco, Ca) please check them out.Theyre zine shop is dope! Tons of zines, mags, and art books Ive never heard of....as well as a gallery. Theyre here: www.needles-pens.com