Sep 28, 2010

Sketchbook 2009-2010

Can't show you everything, but on my behance, I made a project with a bunch of pages from my last sketchbook. Still working on my current book. Please let me know what you think, comment, share,etc.

Sep 27, 2010

Deathtic 4-Shinji Kimura

Shinji Kimura is probably one of the illest artists Ive ever seen. His work on animations such as Akira, My Neighbor Totorro, Steamboy, Tekkon kinkreet, and Studio 4C's Genius Party are monumental. Gives me a lot of ideas on how to tell my stores with acurate and imaginative detail.

Inspiration 5

Jneiro Jarel-Fauna, been supporting JJ since "Big Bounce Theory". Animator/Illustrator LeSean Thomas-Man behind The Boondocks character animation. Deathtic 4-By Studio 4C, directed by one of my favorite artists right now-Shinji Kimura, see below.Zuco 103-Amsterdam/Brazilian group-"Nunca Mais" is my joint. Psst! By children's book illustrator Adam Rex(love this dudes style). My uncles, aunties, my momma-my family. Marcus Books-historic black bookstore in Bay Area. Japanese Stencil dyeing, first saw this boom in NY, incredible technique i want to learn. Cranky Boots Popsicles-organic, local, popsicles by some friends. Sticker by artist"Dead Eyes"-dope style! Bezem y Mailan-some of the most amazing fashion designers Ive seen, too bad they don't design for men. Seu Jorge+Almaz-feeling some songs from this group! A "Leafy Sea Dragon"-love em, so beautiful! Calligraphy, typography by Samir Malik. Purely Decadent-non dairy ice cream-I eat both dairy and non dairy, but I like to try new things. And "Ready Made" magazine has tons of dope art ideas!

Sep 23, 2010

Look back-Jersey City, NJ

Last night, me and a friend listened to an elder tell stories about the moon, ancient "Me-xi-ca", the eagle, and the condor. He said now is the time to "go for it" and a time to "look back". Yesterday, I hella "went for it" and good things came to fruition. My heart is tried, but true. Peep this old video of the "Love and Riots" show in Jersey City.Video and photo by Miguel "Bounce" Perez.

Sep 19, 2010

Love+light switches 1

I started painting light switches almost 6 years ago and went real hard at it( Practiced it diligently)for a while. After taking a break I've decided to start up again for fun and to get my affordable art sales moving. Peep my etsy shop for more or holler if you want a custom joint. By the way, if you own one that I painted for you, hit me up because I need photos of the oldies.

Sep 18, 2010

Characters 11 & 12: Kuro + Shiro

This is Kuro(Black) and Shiro(White) from the manga of the same title by Taiyo Matsumoto. I first heard of it through the animated adaptation by studio 4C in Japan. Also, the homie Zees put me on to a lot of Taiyo's illustration work.I just imagined them here as Afro-Asian teens; slightly older than the characters Taiyo or Production artist Shinji Kimura drew. Doing my best to keep it moving, but the transition from elder to ancestor.....trying to figure out a way to honor them properly. Any of you all out there lost relatives recently?

Sep 15, 2010

Rest In Peace

This is my Grandfather , the man who i received my name from. Getting ready to go to the funeral. my suit looks horrible, but the drawing came out nice. More later....

Sep 9, 2010

Sep 8, 2010

TYS in the media-Oakland,CA

Yoshi, Bounce, and Skot painted this beautiful mural of Oscar Grant! It stands like a pillar of positivity, defiance, resilience, pride, rebelliousness, and "out thinking the system". When I say "out thinking the system" I mean this piece broke a rule.That rule is, 'we, the system (Media,tv, net, print) decide what is FED to the masses. The system that is reinforced race and class relations through police forces, judges, Mc Donald's death burgers, industrial factories,etc is one of highly strategic terror here in Oakland and across the world. Some of us participants are not even aware of how our life is connected to others. And in the graffiti world, "getting up" means knowing your shit is going to get buffed. It gets buffed or destroyed in the mural world too. But, this one of Oscar is still up. Hundreds of people walk or drive by it everyday. This is a small, but significant victory.In the photo is Borish(Mincho), myself, Bounce,and standing with Skot La Rockwell is my son.Thanks to Eric K. Arnold for interviewing us. You can read his piece HERE.

Sep 1, 2010

Children's sketch

This is from the book I'm working on.Waking up in Brooklyn. I will prob exaggerate it more though, like this.