"SS" A Zine By Robert Trujillo

The Facts: "SS" (Still Searching) B/W
(Sketchbook Sessions)

MEDIUM:Silk Screened Ink, B/W Copies, Black India Ink, Black Markers
SIZE: About 4.25" x 5.5", 10 B/W pages, One Cover
SUBJECT MATTER: Life, Love, Music, Politics, Comics, Illustration, and Creativity
WHERE: You can buy it at
http:// mrroberttrujillo.etsy.com

Thoughts:So, ive been seeing zines for a long time and after several unsuccessful attempts to finish my first comic book, i thought I would work my way up to a comic or graphic novel with the most purest form of expression.Randomness!Ok, maybe not completely random but definitely w/o too many constrictions.Take a look and tell me what you think.errrriiieee!yeee!mmhmm!
-Big Rob
Trust Your Struggle Collective
"Come Bien" Books

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