Sketchbok funk!

this was a sketch that i came up with for the Danny Simmons Rooftop-TYS Mural Tour Launch party. Look, if you wasnt there. whew!It was crackin.Hella beautiful fokers, drinks, music, art, and a gang of support that we needed to get this tour crackin! If you wasnt thurr and u still want to help.Hit up www.trustyourstruggle.com and hit up the donation button!!!
This is just $%^&* around, messing with the comic format and talking bout growth from trying to educate our youth w/ art thru the school system-to putting the art on they block or in a book that they can read "when they feel they want to" NOT when theyre forced to.
TYS Collective
"Come Bien" Books
listening to that Fabby Davis Jr. aka Mistah FAB! Bay area whut it do?!

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