Apr 10, 2009

Getting up in london-www.Booktin.com


Ok folkers.So these folks hollered at me about contributing, and I hollered at them about contrbuting to Come Bien. Looks like there should be more collaboartion btwn you*(my folkers reading this) and folks in London-UK. Im planning to make a trip out there in the very near future to visit, connect with like minded folks for myself, my art, TYS, and Come Bien of course. Holler if you have any resources out there.Definitely check out Booktin.com and let them know what you think.The more our folks read "what they want to" the better equiped we will be to imagine the world we want to see, feel me?
TYSCalamity, Come Bien Books

Muchas Gracias Sheena!

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