Jun 18, 2009

Left Turn Magazine Cover for Issue #33

Ok, folks if you see this magazine please pick it up and thumb through it. In the past two years I almost completely blocked out all media except for subway ads and email advertisements. I wasn't trying to be artsy about it, I just wanted to find my answers instead of having the normal breakfast, lunch, and dinner of lies fed to me. But, here is a small example of normal people working to find answers, sharing them with you.This issue has a lot to do with social justice movements in El Salvador, Venezuela, and Mexico.So much to learn! Peep the small joint about my crew, the legendary and dues paying "Trust Your Struggle" Collective. The cover was challenging to do though, i like how it turned out.Cant wait to see this on news stands. All my bay area folksers holler, i'm back for the summer.

Dig this? Check out this illustration for Mosaic Magazine cover feat Ta-Nehisi Coates


Killer ZEES said...

Yo man, that cover is amazing!
And shit, I didn't know you had a blog!! Haha! Well, have a good away period in Oakland.


Santiago said...


This is absolutely amazing, i actually sell left turn magazine and i'm waiting for that new issue to arrive to add to the inventory, i really love the content in that magazing, it's fair, balanced (a cliche used by most media outlets, but in this case totally true) and a good read. They always feature amazing artwork in their publications along with even based articles on current affairs. I'm very glad to know that you contributed with the cover art. It's amazing. good work R.T.


Benjamin Rojas said...

Congrats brother. Always on the move.