Jazz Portrait 7-Meshell Ndegeocello

Papillon and Love Song #3 are two of my favorites from this incredibly prolific, talented, and beautiful lady. Meshell writes, sings, and arranges, but she plays the hell out of the Bass!


Ashley A. Woods said...

this is really beautiful.

Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

Why thank you Ms Woods, and thanks for stopping by!

Stan said...

YO I love that woman to death. It seems like she's listening to my conversations about my relationships and then writing banging ass songs about them.

My songs are LOve Songs #2 and 3

Did you send her your illustration?

Keep up the good work.

Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

Thanks Stan, beautiful photos by the way.Checked out your blog. I tried to send it via email and twitter.Not sure if she got it, but i feel you.i love those songs too!!! Shes dope.