Short Story Year Wrap Up

Here is a collage of all the short stories I created this year. After hitting a slump with a story I was writing and illustrating about me and my son, I decided to take a break from it and to just “play”. These are the results of that play, it was fun, challenging at times, eye opening, and very therapeutic. As you can see in the pieces, some of them ride the line between what is children’s book illustration and what is comics. That was intentional, no borders, no particular medium constraints, just experimentation. This year I’m already working on extending this play and intensifying the focus with “fun” still in mind. If you click the “short story” label below this post you will see the original stories in more detail. And please comment and let me know which resonated with you. You reading this will be a big part of intensifying this process of exploration this year. Peace, love, and light. Happy New Year. -Rob

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