April Love and Light Switches 2012 +Commission

Yo! its been awhile with the switch plates. After I did the collage of switches I needed to handle some other biz while I digested all that had been done. Then, someone asked me to do a custom joint which is cool because it's been awhile since I did one. I liked the color combination so much I decided to do two sets. Holler back if you want me to paint a set for you or for a friend.


O.M. (Shola) Ajayi said...

These are great Rob! Gotta get these light switches for my mom! Been sleeping on that. Can you do some that have ankara-esque designs??

Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

Thanks Shola, fasho! What are Ankara designs? Excuse my ignorance.

O.M. (Shola) Ajayi said...

all the beautiful fabric that i'm always obsessing about on the tumblr. if you need some examples let me know i'll send some pics over. yay!