Inspiration board 13

From top to bottom, left to right: MC Escher drawing, Paul Klee-Expressionist Vibe, Desolation Wilderness Hiking and love, A restaurant that serves more than Falafel, Leo and Dianne Dillon-Illustrating duo (RIP), "Tiny Inventions" new set design, Frank 151 mag w/ Doom, Nychos wall, Chillar Party-Hilarious childrens flick from India, Reza Abedini-Graphic Designer, Dilla Toy, Lianne La Havas' new LP, Ronald Wimberly-Dope Comic Artist(thx Samax!), 47 by Walter Mosley-just read this for the 3rd time, The babies at Nicole Martinez' class, 826 Valencia, and my son's class, Aaron Douglas book cover. In case you didnt get it, these are collages I do every 3 months or so about inspiring nouns.

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