Sep 4, 2012

Jazz Portraits 26- Patrice Rushen ( Piano/ Vocals)

Patrice Rushen is an OG musician. Been listening to her music for awhile. I think i first flipped out when I heard "Where there is love", because Mobb Deep used that for Temperature's rising. But aside from all the great soulful songs she did from ablums like Pizaz, Posh, and Patrice; she started with more experimental, electronic, and funky Jazz. Some of the songs I dug up that I liked were Before the Dawn, Stepping Stones, and Puttered popcorn . Long live Patrice, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and funk goddess.


FOL said...

Excelente retrato de rushen.
gracias por postearlo!! ya lo tengo en mi pc para fondo de pantalla. jaja saludosssssssssssssss

FOL said...

excelente!! realmente que si!

Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

Ahh, mucha gracias para tus palabras. Me encanta su musica y esto es un partito de un proyecto mas grande. Espero que le gustas el resto. Saludos desde Califas!