Inspiration board 14

From Left to Right, Top to bottom: I've been painting and drawing many children from diverse backgrounds. I look for alot of children from many backgrounds. When I saw this girl, i thought "if I had a daughter, she might look like this". Red subway installation-thought this was amazing, cant remember by who though. Arabic calligraphy. Tribe- a Detroit based Jazz Collective/ Zine. Character design. Character design by Carolina Cuenca-love her style. Shinji Kimura again from the Black Tekkon Kinkreet book. Character design. Character design by Didier Conrad. Brigada by Enrique Fernandez. Dope "C" graphic typography. Weldon Irvine-The Sisters LP, really his music in general. The library-my 2nd home. The Hummingbird's Daughter by Luis Alberto Urrea. Character design by Pixel Pirate Studio. And lastly, the stop motion animation film Paranorman (set design).

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