Family Portraits 1-Moniz Family

Yo, Happy New Year to all of you making another rotation around the planet. I just had the chance to paint my first family portrait. My man Tomas from Rad Dad Zine just hit me up to do a piece of his kids, who are mostly grown now. It is an honor and a blessing to paint this man's family as they are beautiful and he's a great father with nuff advice for young cats like myself trying to figure out how to do a better job. How to fall down, dust yourself and get back up.
So for these kids, they are a mixed bunch as far as their ethnicities. And their interest ranges from the eldest daughter (left) Geometric shapes, the youngest daughter likes music (middle left), Tomas (middle right) likes words, and the son (right) likes Graffiti. For this piece I wanted to put a lot of detail in their facial expressions, and to keep their bodies and interests real sketchy and rough. Thank goodness Papa Moniz dug it. Hopefully the kids will feel it too.

If you want a portrait of your family painted, holler!
2014, here's to more art, more inspiration, and more love!

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