Apr 21, 2014

Short story 21- Afternoon dancer

This afternoon uncle and I went for a walk. Everyone was resting during the early afternoon so we decided to walk through the empty city streets. There was one person out there.  A boy doing something, a dance of some kind, I'm not sure. But when I saw him move I was stunned, I could only watch. Uncle laughed saying "If I would have known you liked dancing, I would have taken you for a walk sooner".

I couldn't get much of the process down because I was "in it". But, here are some progress shots since I repainted it and sketched it twice.

Wanna see more?
Short story 20 -Untitled


bryan farley said...

I really enjoy seeing "the process." I do not draw much, though I am an artist, so I understand my own process a little.

Watching your pictures go from concept to drawing to color is awesome. I feel better prepared to do it myself and I know more about the story too.

thank you,


Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

Awesome, again thanks for the kind word Brian!