Chapter 510's "Make Believe" Poster

Created to support Chapter 510's campaign to build support for their new program called "Make Believe" which will build and cultivate a larger community in Oakland for literacy. The programs architects aim to be a resource of support for Oakland's youth rather than another organization claiming to be a savior. Over the course of next year, they hop to get 510 new supporters, 5100 hours of volunteer support, and to raise $510,000 more programs using poetry, craft work, reading, and writing. You know some people they should talk to? Hit them up! Check out the artwork process above and the beautiful color work/design added by Bookish Design.

The idea for this poster was inspired by talking with Janet and Tavia of Chapter 510 about imagination and make believing. So, in it I wanted to portray some of what it's like to read or write about your current reality and worlds you've never seen before. Hope you dig.

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