Inspiration board 23

From left to right/ top to bottom: 1. Gwen Bunn- with out a doubt , love this girl's voice 2. Al Jazeera Plus-great news/video content 3. The Vanguard doc about the Black Panther Party 4. Static Shock-the Milestone Comic 5. 80's Babies (Dee Jackson & Tall Black Guy) 6. Fist, stick, knife, gun by Geoffrey Canada & Jamar Nichols 7. Rubble Kings-excellent doc abt NYC gangs 8. Podcast sharing stories from and about a Latin@ perspective 9. Yoong Bae-A Korean contemporary artist 10. Jennah Bell's "Candied Daylight" 11. Book of Mojo animated pilot by Everett Downing 12. Brotherman Revelations by Dawud Anyabwile & Guy Sims

Every three or four months I make a board of inspiring books, films, songs, musicians, cultural events, really anything that inspires me. These are some of my most latest inspirations. Follow the tag for more from the past.

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