Ohio Visit - Photos

Recently I went out to Columbus Ohio to attend the SOL Con at Ohio St University and to read to some children at an elementary school out there. Here are some photos from my trip. The photo above is from an apartment area I saw. I really dug the architecture. All in all, it was a great experience. Katlin who along with Prof Aldama organized so much of the event was great to meet. All the exhibitors and folks I met were super cool. I took most of the photos but a few are from the SOL Con facebook pg.

The day of the con 
One of the huge buildings 
This is the school library before the babies arrived. I had a lot of fun meeting the principal Dr. Robinson, all the school staff and Dionne from the Wexner Center for the Arts. It was really great to meet their students, show them artwork, and talk to them about storytelling and Furqan's First.
Walking around the city from my hotel to leaving. Its always fun to walk around a city. I wish I'd had the time to see more but my trip was super short.
Prof Aldama & Jaime Hernandez

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I also visited the Wexner Center for the Arts-see some videos I created for them the following year HERE

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