Mar 18, 2021


Did these letters as an art offering. Please feel free to share.

These hand styles/ letters are a response to the recent attacks in GA, the past yr of attacks against Aapi which have risen 150%, and the historic racism against the Asian American community in the US

Action steps: What can you do?
1. Have u supported orgs that uplift the Aapi community? Start w/the GA families and organizers by following and donating to Advancing Justice Atl

2. Are u willing to Speak up and speak out? Whether you think your followers and friends will give AF, speaking out is a muscle. Let folks know where u stand and engage the comments.

3. Can you uplift Asian American storytellers, artists, musicians, journalists, etc in telling our very unique, specific, diverse, and varied stories? Do this in kid books, film , video games, animation, etc 

4. Can u help dismantle white supremacy and patriarchy by studying them and talking to your kids, fellow co-workers, students, friends, folks about it? The personal is political.

5. Thank you for showing solidarity and showing up.

Here's a piece I did last year showing AAPI support for Black Lives.


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