Characters 11 & 12: Kuro + Shiro

This is Kuro(Black) and Shiro(White) from the manga of the same title by Taiyo Matsumoto. I first heard of it through the animated adaptation by studio 4C in Japan. Also, the homie Zees put me on to a lot of Taiyo's illustration work.I just imagined them here as Afro-Asian teens; slightly older than the characters Taiyo or Production artist Shinji Kimura drew. Doing my best to keep it moving, but the transition from elder to ancestor.....trying to figure out a way to honor them properly. Any of you all out there lost relatives recently?


paintgurl40 said...

i lost my parents over ten years ago and i still grieve. but i don't feel like my world has been torn apart anymore.

Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

My respects to u and ur fam! That's a hard thing to surpass, but it sounds like u r carrying their spirit w/you! Stay up!