Inspiration board 10

Inspiration board. Starting from top left. Aryz -Dope Writer from Barcelona. Def Sound+Nikko Gray's "Lunar Sun Light". The 656 crew!Love these folks. Aurora from La Casa Azul because she is creating a bookstore in Harlem focusing on books by Latin@ authors/illustrators. Janine Macbeth because she's fundraising to publish her own childrens book. Dustin Nyugen-a dope illustrator who does a lot in watercolor. Shabazz Palaces-lead by former Digable Planet Butterfly is on some ill coded rhyme shit. Uprisings in North Africa/Middle East included something like 15 countries such as Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Yemen, and is still happening now. Dont know who did the type w/ the scissors, but I like it. Rage against the Machine-Mincho hooked me and my son up w/ some classic joints, like "Renegades". Illustrator Dan Santat, incredible storytelling skills! Thanks to Hard Knock Radio I heard Dr. Joy DeGruy drops science on race & post traumatic slave syndrome. The Wall Street occupation which is history now! Don't be fooled by the media, there are thousands of people out there in Manhattan, and nearly 900 related actions like it from NYC to the Bay Area. Imix Books (Sol!). I had the chance to meet the owner of Imix Books, a constant force of knowledge specializing in books by/about Latin@ stories; now at "Mi Vida" in Highland Park. Brave New Voices-Youth Speaks! Yo, I was definitely jaded on Poetry, but I took my cousin to see the Grand Slam Finals and we were both jumping up cheering! Lastly, an incredible illustrator, Sean Mack from Detroit. Check these folks,events, things out!

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