Oh oh, Baby Boy, 656 in NYC, La Casa Azul, and "We Like it like that"

My friend Janine Macbeth is self publishing her first children's book.F the publishers, F the agents! She's doing it on her own. Support her kickstarter campaign if you have the time! Its a book about Dad's who are present! Like Ed Og said "Be a father to your child".
The homies from 656 Comics are at the NY Comic Con from October 13-16th. Please go suppor them if youre in NYC.

Also, check out "La Casa Azul", its a pitch to start a local book store in NYC with a focus on Latin@ authors. Again, support and pass along widely. Folks are saying to hell with the talking and "doing it!" http://www.indiegogo.com/LaCasaAzulBookstoreNYC

40K in 40 days campaign, La Casa Azul Bookstore from Lucha Libros on Vimeo.

Just came across this! Looks dope, people telling a story that needs to be heard!!

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