Collage of Characters (1) 2009-2012

It's a fun and gratifying thing to look back. Of course I like to be present and focus on what is "now". But several things lead me to look back at all these characters. Such a big part of my practice is doing "it" in small increments consistently over a large period of time. Comics, character design, mural ideas, people of color, short stories, color theory, so many techniques and concepts to experiment with. Wish I could g through each one here, maybe one day I will. Doing these quick studies has informed my work to tell stories and to paint fun characters on canvas and on walls. But what do you think? Any of these fit you or your project? Did you see the characters that were in African Digital Art, Kiss My Black Ads, 7 Impossible Things? Holler back! -Rob


Anneris said...

Nice work, I like it a lot!


Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

Right on Anneris, thanks for the kind words will check you out!

Unknown said...

Off the hock!

Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

Thank you sis Naomi, shout out from the Bay Area (California)!