"My new site" by Swash Design

Peep this! My boo created a new site for my art work. Its got organized sections for different art, its clean as Boateng, and its smooth as Billy Dee. Theres some beautiful functionality there that allows you to swipe from image to image, expand them, and there are links to the my other realms of the inter-webs. If you need design for web, print, or brand development as an individual artist, your organization, magazine, or business check out her beautiful work at Swash Design. She takes care of business, on time, professionally, and with one of the most incredible eyes for design and illustration. And she's fine as hell. Sigh, I am one lucky man. What do you think of the design? Pass it along.


jonyangorg said...

Looks amazing!

Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

Thanks Kid, you know she's a pro at what she does man!