Daddy Thoughts 14 - Memes & Time Away

The first time I think I ever heard of a "meme" was in 2010 or 2011. My house mate Marc-a great Dad explained them to me because I wasn't familiar with them. I did not know how significant they would become either. Fast forward to 2017 and meme images are a ubiquitous part of social media so I see them all the time. I never post them myself but I do occasionally get a laugh out of them. My son however tells me "everything" is a meme. Corny songs from the 80's are memes. Sound effects are memes. Youtuber's or comedic actors are memes. And definitely photoshopped pictures with text using a popular image are memes. As an adult I sometimes forget how wide open the internet is, especially in social media formats. My son's favorite is Youtube now since Vine has died. There is nothing profound to say except that his since of humor reminds me to laugh. To take a second and just find something, anything funny, to be goofy, and to chill out. There are certainly some songs I wish had stayed in the past (cue Rick Ashley), but it can be really funny. I do start to wonder how much all the isms like class, race, and gender play into what a young mind thinks is worthy. Also, what is deemed funny and what is not. Also, who has the where with all to make memes and who just consumes them?

So my son's mother and I have a co-parenting deal where he spends school year with me right now, and holidays + summer's with her. It is tough. I won't go into all the details but I was thinking of how it is both difficult and helpful to have time away from your kid. On the one hand I get super sad when I walk past his room and don't see him. Or strangely, when I am not hearing him make loud noises or ask me whats for dinner fifty times I miss him. But then, when I get over this feeling I also enjoy quiet, solitude, the space to work, and time with my wife. It is tough and a blessing. How many of you co-parent in the same city? State? Or in different states? I think it is essential to being a good parent that I as a parent don't lose what made me an individual person before I became a parent. I think I can deeply love my child, miss them, and also enjoy time to myself. Thank god for grandparents and community. And....I think my kid enjoys time away from me too because he gets to spend it with his mother. And I'm thankful for that. If we don't have time to recharge it can be really stressful for the kid and the parent/guardian.

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