Inspiration board 35

Here is my latest inspiration board (a collage of inspiring people, places, books, films, artists, musicians, and movements). I've been posting these since 2009 and I try to post 2-3 of these per year as I revisit things from the past and find new inspiration. Feed your creativity.

From left to right, top to bottom: 
1. Berna Anat-financial analysis/hype woman 2. Barbara Dziadosz-Illustrator 3. Diary of a Future President-Disney TV show 4. Risograph art (Sara Hagstrom) 5. Ana Tijoux- Cacerolazo 6. Vel The Wonder- Ice Cream 7. Metal & Enamel Pins! 8. Kaytranada -Bubba LP 9. Cey Adams-OG Graf writer/designer 10. Film Courage-Storytelling 11. Seba Kaapstad- Afro German band 12. 45 record covers 13. Moms 4 Housing - Oakland 14. Safia Elhillo - Sudanese American Poet 15. The Joy of Swimming by Lisa Congdon- Art book 16. Paul Davey/Mattahan-Illustrator

Thats it, click on some of the links embedded above and check these things out. And as always please check out the previous board:

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