Old Art 2 - Overall's design

1990 Was probably the year I drew these. Can't say for sure because I didn't write dates down back then. 90 was the year BBD dropped the LP "Poison". I saw them airbrushed joints they were wearing and like sooo many other kids I said "I have to get those" to my mom. So, this is how a few bigs things happened for me. 1. I met the OG Mike "Dream" Francisco RIP 2. I because OBSESSED with Graff (I was already a big Hip hop fan). 3. I began my practice/meditation/study as an artist. For brevity, I'll keep it short:
1. Mike Dream worked at Hilltop Mall in Richmond which was where it was at back then. His shop was "Shirtique" and the man, the art, and the love he showed filled me up and lead me to OGs like Spie.
2. From that moment on, I became an active student of Graffiti or "Writing". I drew, I painted walls, bombed, tagged, hung out, formed life long friendships, all that but really more so remained consistent with drawing. 
3. Overalls, lead to Mike and Graff, which lead to me pursuing artwork on my own. The key here is "on my own". No one told me to do it, my mom, family, and friends just encouraged me. The art I make is a product of all those people and encouragement. Its my job, practice, meditation, and spirituality at times.

These overalls still might look fresh! Stay tuned for more old art as I find them.

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