Feb 13, 2022

ACLU Illustrations for Central Valley Report


I have been working w/ the ACLU since 2016 and always enjoy the process and work that gets produced especially when it aids in telling the story of regular people fighting for human and civil rights. Case in point, the art for this report supports the stories of three people who migrated to the US to find work. Erika, Nestor, and Nelson. 

While asylum is a term that allows immigrants from any country to migrate to another for political and/or safety reasons the folks targeted and deported consistently in the United States are Black and Brown people. This is not hearsay but fact. See the Chinese exclusion act, the Bracero program, the treatment of Mexican and Central Americans vs the red carpet for Cuban exiles or immigrants from Europe. 

This study is a collaboration w/ California Rural Legal Assistance foundation and it looks at Central California specifically and interrogates how the Sheriff's in the region collude with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcements) to deport Latinxs.


See some of the art below:

And here is the last set of illustrations I did for the ACLU 2018 annual report.

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