In the Lab

Been in the lab! Working on quite a few things here and there related to music, print, and a coming art show. A bout a month ago I started this piece for my son because I promised I would send him something from NY. The first is the inked sketch from my book, the second is a color test I did in photoshop. I liked how it came out so I re-drew it in watercolor and submitted to a competition. We'll see how that goes.But for now, he likes it and is drawing me a "comic con storm troopers". I'm the luckiest dad in the world y este es mi hijo....The boat in this drawing is researched, I'll divulge more later.


Marie said...

Hi Rob! Thank you for the praise. Btw, your work are amazing!

There are indeed some locally and some self-published Zines in the Manila Book Fair. Try this ning group of zine publishers here in the Philippines. Good luck!

Marie said...

Oh, I forgot the link. Lol!

Robert trujillo/tres said...

Hey Marie, thx so much for responding and for the kind words. Youre blog is beautiful-tons of literary knowledge to behold. I will check out the link, and send u a video...

Xavier Salomó said...

Hi, Rob
Delicious illustration. Thanks for visit my blog. It's nice to meet you and your job.
Good job!

Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

Claro Xavier, mucho gusto aqui en el internet, tus illustraciones son super chevere!