Inspiration board 37


What it do fam? Hanging in there. Here is my latest and greatest inspiration board. What's this? Its the way I stay inspired and sane through all of life's trials and tribulations. I've been making inspiration boards full of films, books, music, events, people, artists, movements, and more for over a decade. Please check out and support the folks mentioned in them. Hopefully some of them will inspire you too.

From left to right, top to bottom.
1. Waajeed-Hip hop/house producer from Detroit 
2. Natalí Koromoto Martinez-Illustrator & Maker from Venezuela
3. Namir Blade- MC/Producer from Nashville 
4. Unfinished Business Deep South Podcast about the lynching of Isadore Banks
5. Cesar Cepeda-Stop motion animator/artist from Mexico
6. Lovecraft Country TV Show on HBO
7. Ahsoka Tano on The Mandalorian TV Show
8. Sarai and the meaning of awesome- Middle grade book written by Monica Brown, Sarai Gonzalez, and illustrated by Christine Almeda
9. Sara Alfageeh-Illustrator of comics and games
10. Rachel Ignotofsky-Illustrator/author from New Jersey
11. G Yamazawa- MC/Poet from North Carolina
12. Thee Sacred Souls-Old school Soul group from San Diego
13. Art of Nisha Kaur Sethi (Bay Area) & Photographer Himanshu Dua (India) about the labor strike in India
14. Esme & Roy animated show from Sesame Workshop
15. Octavia's Parables-A podcast about Octavia Butler's Parable series by Toshi Reagon & Adrienne Marie Brown
16. Zing Tsjeng-Writer, editor, podcast and TV show host from the UK

You catch the last Inspiration board? No? Pshhht. Peep that HERE homie.

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