My book was banned!


You know, I've seen other books get banned and I'm always surprised because these are books about people of color, Black folks, or queer folks. It feels like you life is being banned. I'm not queer, but I have queer family and friends and it feels like they're being banned. It also feels like they don't want their kids to "know" something. If the books were causing actual harm to people, or preaching hate I'd feel different. But often, the books are simply illustrating stories that haven't been told before and that is scary. To them.

Well I've been sitting with the news that my book "One of a kind, like me/ Unîco Como Yo" -a bilingual picture book about a boy who wants to be a princess" was banned in a North Carolina school district. And it feels different when it's your book. But, we're not backing down. In fact we're trying to get it to more kids and families. PLEASE support your local LGBTQ organizations rather than lashing out towards parents who are scared of difference or having real open minded conversations with their kids.

Want to read the piece the author Laurin Mayeno wrote? ARTICLE LINK

Orgs in North Carolina you can support:

And some good news!!!! 

Yeah we like that y'all. This San Diego organization lead by two moms who have queer kids is making sure more schools have access to kids books that reflect them in the stories. Can I get a hell yeah?! Watch the Video  HERE!

Shout out to Gender Nation!!!

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