Jun 11, 2022

Gift Box Feature 2- Los Amigos Books (Chicago)

Continuing with this series shouting out some of the companies that have shown me love, here is another Gift/Book box that has featured some of my stuff in it. "Los Amigos Books" which is a family and Latina owned business based out of Chicago. They sell books and book subscriptions that specifically focuses on Spanish and bilingual children's books! They started as a pop up shop and they now have a booming online store and a brick and mortar storefront in Chicago. 

This an image from one of their subscription based book boxes featuring some of my book marks and stickers alongside some great books for ages 7-9. More info here

This is a shot of their Instagram which shows the grand opening of their shop in the Berwyn neighborhood of Chicago. Pull up on them if you're in the area. If not, get books for your kids, classroom, or friends online. Thank you to owner Laura for including my work in these beautiful boxes!

If you're a gift/book box owner, or you have a store (online/brick and mortar) and would like to get some of my merch into your store give me a holler. Did you catch the post about the last book box that featured my merch? Here it is: Get The Bag 

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