Stuff Iv'e been Listening to 21 - (Raps)


What up tho? This is not a playlist of all time greatest rap songs, my favorite rappers, or even the best raps to come out in the past 6 years. These are just a few songs that I remember playing over and over by various MCs. Mostly in the US and the UK. 

Every year I upload a bunch of songs or podcasts that I'm listening to. Because music is such a big inspiration for me as an artist I do this pretty frequently. Theres so much music coming out compared to when I was a teen. I'd say DJs are still the best way to hear the good shit. Going to festivals is good. So is checking out playlists on streaming services.

Some folks I'd like to mention that you might have passed up because they're got enough buzz are Freddie Gibbs x Alchemist-Babies & Fools, Nipsey Hussle-Double Up, Nas-Speechless, annnnd, what are you listening to rhyme wise? Like, you play it on REPEAT type shit.

Ok if you missed some of the previous playlists like this I made feel free to check out some of them here:

That's it fam. If you missed this hip hop documentary, check it out. Its the legendary Souls of Mischief!

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