Jan 10, 2023

Elisa "Sol" Garcia - Hear in LA podcast


Much props and respect to Elisa "Sol" Garcia who is an awesome book seller from LA. She operated her own bookstore called Imix Books which curated a huge list of books by and about people of color. When my book Furqan's First Flat Top came out she was the first bookseller in LA to carry it and I have never forgotten that. 

Link to podcast episode w/ transcript and photos!

Here is a podcast called Hear in LA which did a lovely interview with her where she talks about her long history of being a bookseller (26 years!!!),  best sellers, the summer of 2020, Morrissey, the whole American Dirt fiasco, Eso Won Books, and Skylight Books where she currently works. 

Something she did not mention on the podcast is that she owned and operated her own bookstore and community space-Imix Books back in the day, which sadly closed

She's also a selector/DJ on the radio show known as Lady Imix with DJ Phatrick on "Heartbreak radio" and on shows like "Word to your mama" and "Heat Rocks" !

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