#tbt-Characters from "Stand and Deliver"


Angel from Stand and Deliver played by Lou Diamond Philipps

I loved the film Stand and Deliver as a kid and still think it's a ground breaking film showing Raza of all kinds learning and studying mathematics. Instead of feeling foreign to math Jaime Escalante makes you feel like you were born to learn it. "You burros got math in your blood" Edward James Olmos says in the film. For a large group of Brown people who were kept out of high paying jobs, building generational wealth, and power by design-learning calculus was and still is revolutionary. It doesn't solve everything by any means, but Jaime's legacy lives on. Have you seen the film? Whats your fav part?

Check out these other characters:

Tito-rocker/ladies man

Ana Delgado- The Cute and nerdy math wiz

Wanna see my collage of characters from that year? Check it out

My name is Robert Liu-Trujillo and I'm a kids bk author/illustrator from the Bay Area. Peace!

One more, here's a sketch of Jaime Escalante

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